Erlang Factory SF Bay Area 2016

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This year we will have a joint Keynote by Evan Czaplicki, creator of Elm and Chris McCord, creator of the Phoenix Framework.

Some the biggest names in the functional programming world will be with us this year: co-inventor of Erlang Joe Armstrong, creator of PropEr, CutEr and Concuerror Kostis Sagonas, author of 'Learn You Some Erlang For Great Good!' Fred Hebert, founder of Erlang Solutions Francesco Cesarini, Elixir developer Elba Sanchez, director of future technology at Jaguar Land Rover Ulf Wiger, programmer-in-anger Garrett Smith, VM core committer Lukas Larsson, software heretic Susan Potter, co-author of 'Erlang and OTP in Action' Eric Merritt, CTO at Quviq Thomas Arts, RabbitMQ core developer Alvaro Videla and author of 'Seven Languages in Seven Weeks' Bruce Tate.

42 speakers

  • Evan Czaplicki @czaplic Creator of Elm
  • Chris McCord @chris_mccord Creator of Phoenix
  • Kostis Sagonas Creator of PropEr, CutEr and Concuerror
  • Joe Armstrong @joeerl Co-Inventor of Erlang
  • Dave Thomas @pragdave Pragmatic Programmer turned Publisher
  • Bruce Tate @redrapids Author of 'Seven Languages in Seven Weeks'
  • Irina Guberman @irina_guberman Senior Architect @ HERE
  • Jamshid Mahdavi Senior Software Engineer at WhatsApp
  • Kenji Rikitake @kenji_rikitake Professional Internet Engineer
  • Lukas Larsson @garazdawi VM Core Committer
  • Scott Lystig Fritchie Senior software engineer at Basho Japan
  • Sonny Scroggin @scrogson Polyglot Software Craftsman at Blue Box, An IBM Company, Part of The Phoenix Core Team
  • Christopher Meiklejohn @cmeik Ph.D. Student at Université Catholique de Louvain
  • Alvaro Videla Pivotal @old_sound RabbitMQ Core Developer
  • Louis-Philippe Gauthier Director&Product Engineering at AdGear
  • Marc Sugiyama Senior Architect at Erlang Solutions
  • Elba Sánchez Márquez @ElbaSanchezM Elixir Developer at Ride
  • Eric Merritt @ericbmerritt Co-Author of 'Erlang and OTP in Action'
  • Francesco Cesarini @FrancescoC O'Reilly Author & Founder of Erlang Solutions
  • Johnny Winn @johnny_rugger Elixir Fountain Host
  • Susan Potter @SusanPotter Software Heretic At Large at Lookout
  • Z^2 @zeeshanlakhani Programmer of Things @ Basho Technologies and Founder at papers_we_love
  • Benoit Chesneau Web craftsman at Enki Multimedia
  • Panagiotis Papadomitsos Head of Mobile Intelligence Cloud at Splunk

41 sessions

Day 1 Thursday 10th March 2016

Day 2 Friday 11th March 2016

Unscheduled sessions

26 known attendees

  • Tyr Chen
  • Evan Czaplicki
  • Chris McCord
  • Joe Armstrong
  • Dave Thomas
  • Bruce Tate
  • Irina Guberman
  • Kenji Rikitake
  • Lukas Larsson
  • Sonny Scroggin
  • Christopher Meiklejohn
  • Alvaro Videla
  • Elba Sánchez Márquez
  • Eric Merritt
  • Francesco Cesarini
  • Johnny Winn
  • Susan Potter
  • Z^2
  • Chris Keathley
  • Mark Allen
  • Ferd T-H
  • Ulf Wiger
  • Erlang Factory
  • Julian Squires
  • Brett Cameron
  • Tristan Sloughter

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  • Kimo Crossman
  • Andrea Magnorsky
  • rast amponsah
  • Oskar Boethius Lissheim
  • Lukasz Dobrzanski
  • Frank Vilhelmsen

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