The Things Git Can Do (that none of the GUIs ever told you about) schedule

Wednesday 21st September 2016

  • The Things Git Can Do (that none of the GUIs have ever told you about)

    It took less than a decade for Git to become the de-facto standard in version control systems. Most people who use it praise its speed. Some appreciate its flexibility. Everyone criticizes its unwarranted complexity. In order to make Git more approachable, a number of GUIs have been developed on top of it. While many of them have contributed to its widespread popularity, they all share a common design flaw: sacrificing Git's true potential on the altar of user-friendliness.
    Regardless of how many features these tools may have, no graphical metaphor can effectively represent what was conceived for the command line.

    In this session I'll demonstrate exactly what Git can do for you that none of the GUI tools ever tells you about. Moving chunks of commits between branches in a single command, custom history visualizations and data recovery are only some of the things I'll demonstrate, all 100% from the command line.

    If you're using Git through a GUI, you're missing out. Let me show you why.

    At 6:00pm to 9:00pm, Wednesday 21st September