#UXCGN19 attendee directory

Michael Terstesse

Webworker, Project Management, E-Commerce, Cycling. bio from Twitter

Axel Hermes

Head of User Experience Design

Katja Busch

Organisiert. Pragmatisch. Gut. #UX #Projektusability #digitale transformation #Freelancer

Carsten Bokemeyer

Head of Product @STUDITEMPS GmbH & @Jobmensa // Blogger @mitteilungswahn // @studitempstech #prodmgmt #scrum #kanban #bvb

Simon Olofsson

Señor Developer at http://cm4all.com — I like to contribute to Open Source Projects and ❤️ my #vim and #zsh. bio from Twitter

Arno Karrasch

Konzeptnerd, Strategiejunkie, Entdecker und Erfahrungsmacher

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Lutz Schmitt

Professional dilettante and designer. Holy keeper of the last word. Co-chair of the EuroIA 2015 http://euroia.org bio from Twitter

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Michael Pietz

innovativ, kreativ, produktiv bei der pietzpluswild GmbH

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Oliver Schirok

brand experience designer, system thinker, co-org @uxcgn.

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Martin Gude

UX Strategist @MRM_McCann_DE. Liberal. Traveller. Hypes. חיה. 'Straya. ישראל. Coffee. FC St. Pauli. Fortuna Köln. Collingwood FC. Kicking off things.

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Cologne based User Experience, Interaction Design, Information Architecture... Meetup Presenter of @uxcampwest Tweets by @scharnetzki13 bio from Twitter

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