agile content conf 2017

Go beyond arguments about content to find an approach that works for everyone

30 31 January 2017

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What would it take to collaborate on content in a way that satisfies all of your stakeholders?

As digital professionals, we know how to create content that meets user needs. We have evidence to prove it, from neuroscience to analytics to lab research. But our stakeholders often see things differently. They resist our recommendations with opinions and anecdotes, insist on using jargon and legalese, appeal to emotion, or offer reasons that seem to be motivated by politics. So we try to get them to “buy-in” to our methods by presenting more data and more evidence. We argue our case in the hope of convincing them to follow our advice. It rarely works.

It’s time to stop arguing. We can’t force people to see our perspective. But we do have a choice. There are techniques we can use to understand our stakeholders’ positions, to find out why they object to our advice. This isn’t compromise. We’re not giving up our values, we’re putting them into practice by finding solutions that work for everyone.

Collaboration techniques work by building a shared understanding of all of the constraints around a content problem—whether they’re business needs, technical constraints, or legal requirements—and working together to find an approach that meets all of them.

At the third annual agile content conf you’ll learn to use these techniques to find solutions that satisfy everyone, through:

  • case studies of collaboration from organisations like Facebook, American Express, and GOV.UK
  • workshops where you’ll learn collaboration techniques by doing them
  • a panel of hiring managers sharing how they build effective cross-disciplinary teams
  • a full-day workshop where you’ll learn research and collaboration techniques that will allow you to go beyond arguments over content and find an approach that works for everyone

7 speakers

Conference Day 1 from 9am to 5pm Monday 30th January 2017

Workshop Day 2 from 9am to 5pm Tuesday 31st January 2017

9 known attendees

  • Rik Williams
  • Sarah Richards
  • Lauren Pope
  • Sarah Rachel Jones
  • Jo Kerr
  • Jonathan Kahn
  • Trisha Doyle
  • Richard Ingram
  • Alex Watson

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  • Neil Cooper
  • Andrea Della Corte
  • Wayde Stallmann
  • Selina Bans
  • Ross Chapman
  • Soun Banh
  • alberta soranzo
  • Diviyesh Patel
  • Stephen Whitehead
  • Ben Linders

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