Sessions at Simon Brown's Software Architecture for Developers Workshop on Monday 22nd May

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    by Robert Smallshire and Simon Brown

    What is software architecture?

    -What is architecture?
    -Types of architecture
    -Design versus - architecture
    -Why do we need architecture?

    What is the role of a software architect?

    -How does a software architect fit in to a development team?
    -How are software architects and lead developers different?
    -What sort of skills does a software architect need?


    -What does the overall role look like?
    -How do you define software architecture?
    -What drives software architecture?
    -How do functional requirements drive architecture?
    -How do non-functional requirements drive architecture?
    -How do you design for non-functional requirements?
    -How do constraints drive architecture?
    -How do principles drive architecture?
    -How do you design software given a blank sheet of paper?

    Case study

    -We'll define an architecture for a software system
    -Case study (review and wrap-up)

    How do you share software architecture?

    -Should software systems be documented?
    -Who needs to know about your architecture?
    -How do you write a software architecture document (SAD)?
    -What other methods are there for sharing architecture?
    -How do you deliver software architecture?
    -When should a software architect be involved in a project?
    -How does software architecture fit into iterative development?
    -How does software architecture fit into agile development?
    -How much software architecture do you need to do?
    -How do you evaluate your architecture?
    -What is load testing and how do you do it?

    Discussion, questions and wrap-up

    At 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday 22nd May