Global Artificial Intelligence Conference - Jan 19 - 21 - Santa Clara

World's Best Conference

19 21 January 2017

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80 speakers

  • Anusua Trivedi Data Scientist, Microsoft
  • David Talby @davidtalby CTO, Atigeo
  • Dave Sullivan @_DaveSullivan Founder, Blackcloud BSG
  • Andy Pandharikar CEO, COMMERCE.AI
  • Peter Brodsky @brodsky13 CEO, HyperScience
  • George Roth CEO, Recognos Inc.
  • Debajyoti Ray Chief Data Officer, VideoAmp
  • Tatiana Erekhinskaya Product Management, Lymba Corporation
  • Jordi Torras CEO, Inbenta
  • Kaz Sato Lead developer Evangelist,Google Inc.
  • Eldar Sadikov CEO,Jetlore
  • Jim Mchugh VP,NVIDIA
  • Mahesh Thakur product management,Intuit
  • Rumman Chowdhury senior data scientist,Metis
  • Elisa Kendall partner,Thematix
  • David Silver Manager, Udacity
  • Stephen Wu partner,Silicon valley Law group
  • Kunal Verma CTO,AppZen
  • Yuwei Cui phD, Numenta
  • Anthony Chang Director, CHOC Children's Medical Intelligence And Innovation Institute
  • Bryan Bell Executive vice-president, Expert system
  • Alex Londeree Data Scientist, Knit Health
  • Ravi Srivatsav VP, Business Development, NTT Innovation Institute
  • Syed Ali Ahmed Founder, Dispatch ( Lutebox Ltd.)

11 known attendees

  • kumar
  • Global Big Data Conference
  • Anusua Trivedi
  • David Talby
  • Dave Sullivan
  • Peter Brodsky
  • Kunal Verma
  • Bhairav Mehta
  • Vladimir Bacvanski
  • James Parr
  • Leonard Speiser

2 people tracking this event

  • Deepak Arora
  • H. James Wilson

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