ConvergeSE 2017 attendee directory

Sam Hermes

@WUSTL Web Developer bio from Twitter

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Bermon Painter

UX Director, design/developer hybrid that loves Ruby & pre-processors. Hubby, father, wireframe hater, cupcake eater, root beer drinker, spanish speaker.

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Matt Griffin

Designer and founder of @BeardedStudio and @WoodTypeRevival. Writer, speaker, and @alistapart columnist. Director of @FutureIsNext. Dad jokes.

Patrick Fulton

Developer (front end, mostly) @hearsparkbox, co-organizer of @refreshpitt, marathoner, and dog owner. Formerly: @beardedstudio, @elliance.

Catherine Meade

Developer at @hearsparkbox. Instructor/TA @GDIDayton, Gamer, Pretend Super Hero, So-Called Fireball, Whovian, Cat Person. All About Integrity.

Daniel Andrews

By day, I’m an Engineering Manager at @salesloft. I talk about FSU/Bucs & GT football, politics and web/software nerdery. RTs are legally binding endorsements. bio from Twitter

Colin Lord

Front end developer

Adam Bennett

Founder and CEO, Cube Creative bio from LinkedIn

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Gene Crawford

President at Period Three, UnmatchedStyle & SOCO | Campus Director for The Iron Yard Columbia bio from LinkedIn

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