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20 21 May 2017

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21 speakers

  • NatashaTheRobot @NatashaTheRobot Addicted to learning. #iOS Engineer and robot. Currently learning #Swift and #watchOS. @tryswiftnyc organizer. @swift_jobs. http://swiftnews.curated.co
  • Hugo Giraudel @HugoGiraudel Hugo is a Front-end developer at n26 in Berlin. CSS goblin, Sass hacker & serial writer. OSS toolbelt: SassDoc & Sass Guidelines. Co-author of Jump Start Sass.
  • substack @substack James uses the web and the javascript ecosystem to build p2p offline tools, maps, and webgl visuals. He is the author of browserify more than 750 packages @ npm
  • Harry Roberts @csswizardry Consultant Front-end Architect: @google, @UN, @Etsy, @kickstarter, @BBC, @Unilever, @Deloitte, and more • Speaker • Author: @cssguidelines
  • Zaharenia A. @sugarenia Lead designer at @Workable, Sass aficionada, gamer, GIF connoisseuse. No-nonsense girl. Feminist.
  • Julien SIMON Technical Evangelist @ Amazon Web Services
  • Bodil Stokke @bodil Functional Programming Prophet
  • Florian Schaffler AWS Enthusiast, Software Lover, Process Coach. Head of IT @ HiKey Resources (hikey.io). Private lecturer on "Scalable Web-Applications in the Cloud"
  • Vladimir Grinenko @tadatuta Team leader in Yandex, frontend developer, BEM evangelist. Answers BEM questions 24/7, speaker at numerous international IT conferences.
  • Rita Zhang @ritazzhang Rita Zhang is an Open Source Engineer at Microsoft in San Francisco. She spends most of her days hacking away on GitHub.
  • Antonio Perić @antonioperic CEO at @locastic. Helping clients grow their online business and build amazing mobile and web apps. Truly Entrepreneur. Developer at heart.
  • Andy G. @andygrunwald Software Engineer at trivago, organizer of @WebEngDUS, loves open source and working with motivated people
  • Mete Atamel @meteatamel Developer Advocate @Google for @GoogleCloud
  • Ivo Neskovic @trumpets A really passionate mobile dev, dabbling in engineering since his early ages. Android since 1.4. Currently Unity3D and game development.
  • Jason Poon Software Development Engineer at Microsoft
  • Melanie G A PATRICK @mgapatrick Former secretary, now developer at trivago. Passionate about learning, travelling, and likes her steak medium rare.
  • Mike Smart @smartmike Mike is a digital designer turned frontend developer, from England, now based in Berlin, building the next bank at N26.
  • Léonie Watson @LeonieWatson Accessibility engineer, W3C Web Platform WG co-chair, writer and speaker, screen reader user, tequila drinker and crime fiction junkie.
  • Forbes Lindesay @ForbesLindesay Open source JavaScript developer and Software Engineer at Facebook. Maintainer of pug (formerly jade), cabbie.js, browserify-middleware, bicycle.js.
  • Marisa Morby UX Consultant and Copywriter
  • Jason Lengstorf @jlengstorf Jason Lengstorf is a developer, designer, author, and friendly bear. Jason recently joined IBM Design as a senior front-end developer and mentor to new hires.

Talks Day 1 from 8am to 5pm Saturday 20th May 2017

Workshops Day 2 from 8am to 5pm Sunday 21st May 2017


38 known attendees

  • NatashaTheRobot
  • Thanasis Polychronakis
  • Hugo Giraudel
  • substack
  • Harry Roberts
  • Thanos Theodoridis
  • Theodore Keloglou
  • Zaharenia A.
  • Julien SIMON
  • Konstantinos Margaritis
  • dimitri ntempos
  • Bodil Stokke
  • Amalia Vradi
  • Vaios Karampinis
  • John Economou
  • Vladimir Grinenko
  • Alex-P. Natsios
  • Rita Zhang
  • Antonio Perić
  • Adonis K.
  • Andy G.
  • Anastasia Solari
  • Mete Atamel
  • Kostas Bariotis
  • Ivo Neskovic
  • Andy Fou
  • Annie Chatsatrian
  • Jason Poon
  • Melanie G A PATRICK
  • Tasso Efkarpidis
  • Sakis Zafeiropoulos
  • Mike Smart
  • Léonie Watson
  • Aristotelis
  • Forbes Lindesay
  • Simona Cotin
  • Marisa Morby
  • Jason Lengstorf

13 people tracking this event

  • Brent Hargrave
  • Bill
  • Brian Coalson
  • Dragan
  • Dustin Whittle
  • Fabian Neumann
  • rightincode
  • Patroklos Papapetrou
  • Erica Stanley
  • Long Lazuli
  • joe sepi
  • Vitaly Friedman
  • Jakub Jarosz

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