dotAI 2017

The Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Conference for Developers

25 April 2017 from 1pm to 7pm

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8 speakers

  • Olivier Grisel @ogrisel Machine Learning engineer at Inria Saclay, scikit-learn contributor
  • Pierre Gutierrez Lead Data Scientist at Dataiku Labs
  • Charles Ollion Head of Research at Heuritech
  • Mathias Ortner Image processing & analysis expert at Airbus Defence and Space
  • Lian Li @Chimney42 Software developer
  • Laurent Smadja Perception Team Research Advisor at Navya
  • Yufeng Guo Developer Advocate for Machine Learning at Google Cloud Platform
  • Arnaud Bergeron Software engineer at MILA, Core contributor of Theano

9 known attendees

  • Yufeng Guo
  • Vincent ZIMMER
  • Olivier Grisel
  • Elisa Lucchini
  • Dorothée Hachez
  • Charles Ollion
  • Ferdinand Boas
  • Lian Li
  • Sylvain Zimmer

10 people tracking this event

  • RobCricri
  • Andrey Artemov
  • Daniel Kirsch
  • Ruben Van Havermaet
  • Mr. Snow
  • Jose Luis Lucas
  • Soun Banh
  • Konstantin
  • Francois Garillot
  • Mark Van Parijs

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