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A session at Pivotal's Spring Web Course

Tuesday 10th October, 2017

9:00am to 5:00pm (GMT)

Development Environment

-Eclipse (SpringSource Tool Suite distribution)
-Apache Tomcat/VMware® vFabric™ tc Server
-Spring Insight
-Testing tools
-The labs sample application

Spring Overview

-Introduction to Spring configuration
-Bean life cycle
-Simplifying configuration
-Integration testing with Spring

Getting Started with Spring Web MVC

-Spring model-view-controller (MVC) overview
-Controller programming model overview
-Spring MVC views
-Simplifying configuration

Spring MVC Configuration Options

-XML configuration and the namespace
-Using Java Configuration as an alternative to XML configuration
-Running in a Servlet 3 environment without web.xml
-Message sources

Managing Layouts in Spring MVC

-Page layout and structure
-Creating reusable templates with Apache tiles
-Configuring tiles in Spring MVC

Using Views in Spring MVC

-Views and view resolvers
-Setting up a view resolver chain
-Alternating views and Content Negotiation
-JSON and XML views

Building Client Applications with Ajax

-Ajax and Spring MVC
-Using JavaScript frameworks
-Spring MVC REST and jQuery
-Creating custom tags to minimize the size of your JSPs

Spring MVC configuration

-Resource configuration and the resource pipeline
-CORS and @CrossOrigin
-Spring MVC infrastructure Beans
-URL mappings
-Handler mappers and handler adapters

Form handling with Spring MVC

-Form Rendering
-Type Conversion
-Data Binding
-Form submission lifecycle
-Form validation (using Spring and JSR 330 validation)
-Form Object management

Site personalisation with Spring MVC

-Working in several languages: internationalisation support in Spring MVC
-Look-and-feel changes using themes and locales
-Handling Mobile Devices with Spring Mobile

Implementing REST

-Overview of REST and HATEOAS
-Using Spring's RestTemplate for clients access
-Extending Spring MVC to support RESTful interactions
-HAL and the Spring HATEAOS

Exception Handling

-Using @RequestStatus with Exceptions
-Adding Exception handlers to Controllers
-Global exception handling using Controller Advices and Exception resolvers
-Exception handling for RESTful interactions

Spring Boot

-Fast Development and deployment using Spring Boot
-Simplified dependency management with starter POMs
-Packaging options - JAR or WAR
-Easily overriding Spring Boot defaults

Web Application Security with Spring Security

-Motivation for Spring Security
-Spring Security in a Web environment
-Using Spring Security tag libraries
-Method security

Debugging and Testing Web Applications

-Debugging applications in a browser
-Testing Web applications using Spring's Mock MVC framework
-Using Spring HtmlUnit

Spring Websockets

-Overview of Websocket development
-Using Websockets and Stomp with Spring MVC

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Date Tue 10th October 2017

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