JBCNConf 2017 schedule

Monday 19th June 2017

  • Testing for Unicorns

    by Alex Soto

    One of the most important benefits of automated testing is to ensure a fast and safe code refactoring to evolve our system architecture. The main problem is how to write tests that are easy to write, easy to follow and not time consuming during development nor execution time. In this session, we are going to explore some powerful Java testing libraries that will help you write better (unit) tests focusing on the main Unicorns architecture challenges such as validating microservices endpoints, remote calls to other microservices or just asynchronous/reactive code.

    On Monday 19th June

    In Centre Comercial Gran Via 2


  • Java 8: the good, the bad and the ugly

    by Brian Vermeer

    Java 8 has been there for a while but still not everybody is using it. It brought us some 'life changing' new code constructions. Now it is time to look back and evaluate wat java 8 brought us in practice. With great syntax possibilities you can still write utterly ugly code.What is a good way to use Java 8 syntax? How functional is Java 8 really and is Optional the life saver some people promised it to be?

  • Test your microservices with REST-assured

    by Michel Schudel

    With the number of microservices in our software landscape growing, we'd better make sure they are tested well! In this talk we'll explore REST-assured, a 100% java REST testing framework using its own Java DSL to write concise, human readable automated tests for your REST interfaces. In a live coding demo, we'll write some REST-assured tests against an existing microservice, and we'll look at how this compares to alternatives like Cucumber. Furthermore, we'll look at integration in existing frameworks like the Spring test framework.