Static in the Front, Dynamic in the Back!

A session at Lone Star PHP 2017

Friday 21st April, 2017

2:00pm to 2:50pm (CST)

PHP may have some more type hinting abilities than it has in the past, but it's still a very dynamically-typed language. It's an ecosystem in which we are all comfortable. But what about those times we are called upon to build the front end of a new single page application? JavaScript isn't syntactically too far off from the PHP we know, but it is a very different beast. We may very well shoot ourselves in the foot if we accidentally return undefined...or was it NaN?

Maybe this would be a great time to check out Elm - a statically typed, purely functional language that compiles down to JavaScript. Not only will the compiler guarantee our code be free of runtime exceptions and type errors, but it will also provide the kindest, most helpful debugging hints and tips you've ever had the pleasure of reading. Elm frees you up to think about modeling your business logic and having fun while writing code, rather than worrying about what framework you should choose, how to structure your application, and other exhausting choices.

Come see a fast-paced introduction to Elm. We'll walk through some of Elm's most notable features, what the Elm Architecture entails, and learn how to model and implement a simple application with using static types and a functional mindset.

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Matthew Machuga

Family man. Senior Software Developer at Think Through Math. Erie Day of Code and Coderie organizer. bio from Twitter

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Time 2:00pm2:50pm CST

Date Fri 21st April 2017

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