Call for speakers

M³ - Minds Mastering Machines

will premier in London from October 9 to 11, 2017. The event will help developers, team leaders and execs get familiar with basic concepts of machine learning, determine which aspects of their products would benefit from associated techniques and come up with ways to incorporate and implement them accordingly.

M³ invites interested parties to submit proposals for talks (45 or 75 minutes) and training sessions (~ 7 hours). The deadline for proposals is April 17, 2017.

Proposals can include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following topics:


  • Machine learning (neural networks, bayesian networks, CRFs, SVMs, genetic/evolutionary algorithms, decision trees,…)
  • Data mining
  • Data science
  • Computer vision, natural language processing, image + voice recognition
  • Predictive analytics
  • Parallel programming
  • Cognitive computing
  • Neural networks
  • Knowledge acquisition, representation, networks

Tools & Services

  • Machine learning libraries and frameworks
  • Tools for data collection and analysis
  • ML services (IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, Saffron, Azure Machine Learning, Google Cloud ML, HPE Haven,…)
  • Frameworks including Tensorflow, Cuda

The emphasis will be hands-on introductions, conceptual decisions, live demos, or comparisons of different techniques. Presentations that are based solely on promoting a product will not be allowed.


  • Distributed ML
  • Integration with software stacks
  • Applying AI technologies to what’s already there
  • Designing AI products from scratch
  • UI/UX


  • Smart anything (home, city, metering, traffic control, autonomous driving, crime prediction, fraud detection…)
  • Intelligent agents/systems
  • Ethics (decision making,…), privacy
  • Security, data safety etc.
  • Computational creativity
  • Affective computing

If you’re short on speaking experience and need help with your proposal, the organisers are happy to assist you via e-mail.

Entrants should be aware of our Code of Conduct and keep it in mind while drafting their proposals.

This call is now closed. You can find more information here.

  • Closed on: 17th April 2017