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Camilo Rivera

Coffee addict. Anxious chit-chatter. I enjoy coding even though I know software doesn't exist (it's not even soft). bio from Twitter

Magdalena Bialon

Software Developer 🌏 Geospatial Engineer 🗺 bio from LinkedIn

Thomas “Tom” McLean

Dumb jokes, web dev, boardgames, and one million echo-chambered #auspol RTs. These opinions aren't my employer's and half the time they ain't even mine. bio from Twitter

Matt Sawkill

Charcuterie promo model. ❤️s @ACaramelloKoala Technical Director @StudioThick. Melbourne-based Feminist. bio from Twitter

Jake Moxey

Software Engineer at @medipassHQ 🏥 // Former @localz and @SuncorpGroup // Local music 🎶 // Avid traveller 🌎 // Develop shit hot software 💩🌶 bio from Twitter


I like music, web development, and general ridiculousness. Ataxian. Ex-sheep-rustler. bio from Twitter

Nathan Malishev

Software Engineer bio from Twitter

Hugo Müller-Downing

CompSci @MonashUni. President of @WIREDMonash. Software Engineer @Localz. Tweets are my own. bio from Twitter

Kevin Yank

Engineering Lead at @CultureAmp, creator of @screencastaweek, @impromelbourne player, past CTO, author, podcaster at @sitepointdotcom, @learnable & @sitthetest

Bo Jeanes

Trying to not be one of the shitty human beings. Let me know when I fail. bio from Twitter

Hernan Rojas

Software Engineer bio from LinkedIn

Ian Coombs

Junior Developer at AdcastNXT bio from LinkedIn

Liza Nguyen


Dianne Castillo

I am a code monkey. Ook.

Soham Adwani

Front-End Developer & Design Engineer bio from LinkedIn


Front End Engineer. UX Graduate. Accessibility advocate and teacher. bio from Twitter

Ed Moore

Husband. Father. Aussie Front End Web Developer. #NodeJS #JavaScript #ReactJS #ES6 #CSS #NeverStopLearning bio from Twitter

Ronnie Chong

A web multimedia / e-learning developer, an amateur photographer, new gadgets sucker

Owen Kelly

Freelance React/Redux, ES6/7/TypeScript, Docker, DevOps, Frontend/Backend engineer.

Ehsan Gazar

Full-Stack JavaScript Developer bio from Twitter

Nermin Sehic

iOS and Web App Developer

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Daniel Carr
This person is speaking at this event.
Ben Schwarz

Product developer. Founder of @Calibreapp, @CSSConfAU. Team @JSConfAU. I bless the rains down in Africa. bio from Twitter

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Erin Zimmer

Tough under pressure just like Sarah Jane Smith bio from Twitter

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