Sessions at ProductCamp Boston 2017 Sessions about Product Discovery

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Saturday 10th June 2017

  • 114 - 20 Product Prioritization Frameworks

    by Mukund Seshadri

    How do you prioritize features? Do you come up with a new framework every time? Gut feel? This session will provide an overview of 20 well known feature prioritization frameworks and discuss which one is most appropriate for your situation.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University

  • 173 - Tackling Tricky Situations In Competitive Landscape Study

    by Teresa Hubscher-Younger, Marco Dragic and Weiwu Li

    "At MathWorks, we have several ways of trying to gain competitive insights, including regular monitoring of the web and going to industry conferences.
    The Simulink Product Marketing team has some unique tricky situations, given the breadth of its platform product capabilities and size of team. We have tried different strategies for competitive landscape study and have identified and tried to address tricky situations, such as:
    •Access to data
    •Focus issues
    •Review schedule
    •Diversity of capabilities
    We will share our experiences and lead an interactive discussion with attendees to share and learn the most effective way tackle tricky situations in competitive landscape study.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University

  • 186 - Rethinking Customer Research: Achieving Breakthrough Product Insights

    by Christine Perfetti

    Do you know what your users *really* want in a product? Have your product concepts solved a big enough problem for users? Are you struggling to generate innovative ideas?

    In this talk, Christine Perfetti will share quick-and-dirty user research and product discovery techniques that teams can immediately integrate into their product process. Attendees will learn how to conduct information-packed interview sessions, create proto-personas, and evaluate concepts with low-fidelity testing techniques.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University

  • 187 - Why Won't Anybody Talk To Me?

    by Greg Achenbach

    Beyond a survey, how to collect user feedback when your users are shy or unavailable.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University

  • 210 - Understanding Customer Needs: What You're Doing Wrong and How To Fix It

    by Jeff Lash

    Understanding customer needs is one of the most important responsibilities of product management. Product managers are told to "get out of the office" and "spend time with customers," which are admirable ideas, but too often this doesn't actually result in good understanding of customers. Even with the best of intentions this may lead to incomplete understanding or even completely wrong conclusions.

    At SiriusDecisions, we've done a lot of work to understand how product teams *should* be understanding their customers and have developed best practices to ensure that our clients can get the insight into the market that they need.

    In this session, we'll share some of the common mistakes that product teams make when trying to get a better understanding of customers and provide tips on how to avoid mistakes and do customer research right.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University

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  • 223 - Are You “Ready” To Get To “Done”? A Tool for Getting Backlog Items Completed

    by Ellen Gottesdiener

    "We’ll explore a simple yet powerful tool to help your delivery team complete backlog items and maintain a steady flow of delivery. The Ready Checklist, or Definition of Ready, helps you and your delivery team get a shared understanding of what to deliver. This saves time, reduces unpleasant surprises during development, and forces you to define backlog items that are valuable, actionable and feasible.

    We’ll examine what “Ready” (vs. “Done”) means, benefits of using a clear and collaboratively definition of Ready, different types of Ready and examples.

    Join us to see how you as PM or PO contribute, lead and facilitate your delivering high value backlog items more reliably.

    On Saturday 10th June

    In Lesley University