ReactEurope 2017

The Original React.js European conference in Paris, France

18 19 May 2017

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14 speakers

  • Andrew Clark @acdlite Engineer at Facebook. Co-creator of Redux. Creator of Recompose, prolific contributor to Open Source.
  • Christoph Pojer @cpojer Engineer at Facebook · Jest · Relay · React · Auphonic · TUGraz.
  • Kevin Lacker @lacker Co-founder of Parse, now at Facebook. Co-author of create-react-app. Ex Google search quality, game developer & math contester.
  • Preethi Kasireddy @iam_preethi Preethi is a Software Engineer at Coinbase who is helping with their React.js rewrite. She is passionate about creating amazing user experiences. Besides coding
  • Lee Byron @leeb Making things at Facebook since 2008: React, GraphQL co-creator, Immutable.js, Mobile, JavaScript.
  • Sasha Aickin @xander76 Ex-CTO @ Redfin. Author of react-dom-stream, a streaming server-side rendering library for React.
  • Spike Brehm @spikebrehm Spike builds UIs with JavaScript at @airbnb.
  • Leland Richardson @intelligibabble Software Developer & Imagineer at @airbnb. Author of the Enzyme testing utilities for React and various react-native plugins.
  • Tereza Sokol React by day | Elm by night ❤️
  • Andrey Popp @andreypopp Shifting bits... Andrey does cool stuff with React, Webpack and loaders.
  • Max Stoiber @mxstbr ⚛️ Makes styled-components, react-boilerplate, @KeystoneJS and CarteBlanche. ✌ Open source developer @thethinkmill. ☕ Speciality coffee geek, skier, traveller.
  • Nik Graf @nikgraf Passionate about Software Architecture, UX, Skiing & Triathlons - Co-Creator of DraftJS Plugins & Carte Blanche. Having a blast at http://www.serverless.com
  • Dominic Gannaway @trueadm Created @inferno_js. Currently an engineer working on React at @facebook. Enjoys coding + being a Dad.
  • Sunil Pai @threepointone

26 known attendees

  • Katiuska Gamero
  • Ben Athlan
  • @gerardsans
  • Stéphane Coué
  • Maxime Thirouin
  • Martin Rädlinger
  • Michał Ordon
  • Kevin Maes
  • Rolf Erik Lekang
  • cristian busoi
  • Sadi Kaya
  • Patrick Aljord
  • Andrew Clark
  • Christoph Pojer
  • Kevin Lacker
  • Preethi Kasireddy
  • Lee Byron
  • Sasha Aickin
  • Spike Brehm
  • Leland Richardson
  • Tereza Sokol
  • Andrey Popp
  • Max Stoiber
  • Nik Graf
  • Dominic Gannaway
  • Sunil Pai

12 people tracking this event

  • Christopher Dell
  • Tobias Adam
  • Namik Nuhanovic
  • Karl Ostendorf
  • Marco Fister
  • Shoaib Burq
  • Nikolai
  • István Szmozsánszky (Flaki)
  • Jakob Hilden
  • Cagatay Calli
  • Stefan Heymanns
  • devpuppy

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