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Thursday 19th January, 2017

10:00am to 5:00pm (EST)

Childhood when the living room, television is the family exchange, entertainment center around the actor plays an important role, a large family around the TV to see programs, talk about laughter how harmonious. However, with the large-scale popularity of smart phones, traditional living room communication model is destroyed, young people are more enthusiastic about the smart phone brings "mobile life." And now a new living room model, with its unique way of interacting and experience, is expected to once again young people back to the living room. This new model is the big-screen cheap laser pointer TV, its new viewing experience, games and social and other experience, is being sought after by young people.
Regardless of the future OLED, QLED or laser display technology, how the future battle, you can determine the TV size upgrade will be a big trend. This is from Samsung, LG, TCL, Hisense and other TV manufacturers in the 60-inch and above panel size market-intensive layout can be discerned. The manufacturing cost reduction, as well as high-definition, 2K, 4K increasingly rich content resources, are promoting the advent of the big TV era.
Large screen of the United States reflected in many ways, large enough to occupy the TV screen can be a larger area of human visual images, closer to the actual visual experience, and therefore can provide a more realistic telepresence. And a large enough screen can also significantly enlarge the TV screen, allowing users to clearly identify the details of the screen. 100-inch relative to 48-inch, 60-inch TV to bring the visual sensory effect can be said to be subversive. In addition, as the center of the living room, television is often able to reflect the family's style and taste. If placed in a small TV screen, can not help but look a bit shabby. As the United States and music 100-inch 10000mw laser pointer TV with its 10KG lightweight host body, 1 cm ultra-thin screen advantage, very suitable for home use. Its 3D effects make people immersive, more can bring theater-class enjoyment, these are more and more families choose laser TV reasons.
In the home theater, the initial use of CRT, PDP direct display, and later eliminated by the LCD. However, LCD screen size to reach 100 inches or more, the price will be as high as several hundred thousand dollars or more, not the average home theater users can afford. The projection technology has gone through more than 20 years of development has been very mature, with the projector price, supplies continue to reduce and performance, the effect of rising, has changed the image of the original aristocracy. Laser TV with passive bionic screen, you can easily cast 100 inches, only one-tenth of the price of LCD TVs will be able to enjoy the big-screen TV to bring the visual experience. In addition, the use of solid-state green laser pointer laser as a light source, the service life of up to 20,000 hours for home users, to achieve zero maintenance costs, making the cost of large-screen TV dropped significantly, to prepare the family into the bedding.
In the LCD and OLED TV competition intensified when the laser TV to join, on the one hand for consumers to purchase large-size products provide a new choice, on the other hand also make the lively TV display technology battle more "hustle and bustle" . In fact, laser TV has been in the large-screen display area to open the gap, its market share is gradually increasing. To this end, the domestic traditional home appliance manufacturers have accelerated the layout, in 2016 known as the first year of 2000mw laser pointer television. There is no doubt that laser television is expected to become the future living room of the "new lead." In this context, the domestic leader in laser display as the United States has been to seize the opportunity!
As early as 2014, as the United States and music in the country launched the first 100-inch laser TV, the use of SLPL light source technology, equipped with laser light source tailored to the optical engine to solve the traditional TV or living room theater in size, energy consumption, stability , Cost and other aspects of the problem, is ideal for family living room environment. Making the living room into a theater, television, games, video calls, online shopping and family education, members of the interaction in one of the new entertainment experience.

On this basis, thanks to the 5000mw laser pointer display core technology, hardware, software and content ecology ahead of the layout, depending on the United States in 2016 full force 2.5-generation laser display technology, making the laser display products in brightness, Life and health of the three key areas to achieve a comprehensive breakthrough. In particular, 475-490 nm fluorescence excitation blue light technology, not only completely avoid the traditional laser projection color purple polarization phenomenon, and no 448-455 nanometer ultra-short blue high-energy visual damage, to achieve the effect of double harvest and health, and further protect the laser TV security, making consumers no worries!
Large-scale intelligent terminal products into life, bringing a lot of convenience, but also makes the family members become more isolated life. The emergence of laser TV products for family members to experience the intelligent life provides a comprehensive carrier, to meet the family members of different application scenarios, which once again narrowed the distance between family members. Overall, the big screen has become the mainstream direction of home TV, while the high power laser pointer TV will be warmth once again brought home!

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Date Thu 19th January 2017

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