Pub Standards 200 attendee directory

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Paul Duncan

Web Developer. English Softball Player. Punk and Ukulele Musician. Ex-Panda Keeper.

Jim Caruso

Global Technology Evangelist

Katja Speck


Sylion R. Muramira

When you educate your children, you are building the strongest bright future and sustainable development to the country. bio from Twitter

squirrel lady!!!11

Developer @Futurelearn. Blog at http://knotnicky.com. Views belong to my cat. She/her. bio from Twitter

Cristiano Betta

Developer Experience Expert

Vitaly Friedman

Author, speaker, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, an online magazine for professional Web designers and developers.

Andre Jay Meissner

Metalhead @AdobeXD, goes by Jay. Wood processing. Building stuff. Passionate DIR diver. Fuelling http://IxDAberlin.de @IxDAb + http://OpenDeviceLab.com @ODL

adam mcgreggor

indolent curmudgeonly, potty-mouthed gin-fiend technologist. @OKFN, @no2id, @mySociety, @openrightsgroup &c. ex-Guardianista.

Mehmet Duran

Developer in the Accessibility Team at @gdsteam. Ex Home Office, MoJ, R/GA and Multimap. bio from Twitter


Likes photography, geocaching and messing about on the web bio from Twitter

Domingo Suarez Torres

Utopian software designer. Mostly a dog coder and motherforker. JVM generalist. I've been in local TV twice. I build stuff. Beer & Coffee lover. Groovy Knight.

Stuart Colville

Mozillian, Musician, Father and researcher of muffins.

Attila Toth


Chris Mear

Housecat. bio from Twitter

Rebecca Cottrell

Shape Engineer · Interaction Designer @GDSteam bio from Twitter

Gareth Rushgrove

Developer, occasional sysadmin, general web, programming and technology geek and curator of Devops Weekly. Currently at @puppetlabs

Jeremy Keith

An Irish web developer living and working in Brighton, England.

Mark Wubben

Humanist ∪ Technologist. ♡ working with the web. Occasional Dutch speaker. @ava__js sustainer. He/his. 🇪🇺🇳🇱🇬🇧 bio from Twitter

Paul Cuthbertson

JavaScript / Lua / @lua_starlight / @moonshinejs / Hitchin Hackspace / @synthace bio from Twitter

Julian Burgess

What now for man raised by puffins?


My parents always said to make something of myself; how was I do know 'a disappointment' didn't count?

Jonathan Matthews

Systems chap

Daniel Appelquist

US expat…London cyclist…digital parent…open web advocate…@w3ctag co-chair…@overtheair co-founder…@odihq startup ambassador-at-large…serial instigator

Matt Lucht

Enjoy helping people make things on the internet. Have a camera I don't use enough. Often found listening to music about whisky, heartbreak and tattoos.

Sam P

"robo-creator-evangelist", software engineer of sorts, madman

Linda Sandvik

Part of the Brexodus. Knight-Mozilla fellow 2015. Wannabe MacGyver. Rebel. ~*creative technologist and coffee enthusiast*~ Works at @NordicApproach bio from Twitter

code delivery boy

full liberation | they/their bio from Twitter

Frances Berriman

front-end development lead for @govuk & @gdsteam [ why i unfollowed you http://tinyurl.com/b7fnq27 ]

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