Front End Engineer

Lanyrd, based in Old Street, London, is all about making sure that you get the best out of conferences and professional events. We’re passionate about helping people to learn, whether it’s by attending events or encouraging new speaking opportunities. We help you connect with people at events, track what’s going on even if you can’t make the conference, and then help you to discover slides, audio and video of events once they’ve finished.

We're looking for an enthusiastic front-end web engineer to join our team. Although the role is front-end focused, being happy working with Django templating is a bonus. Having an in-depth and thorough understanding of JavaScript is essential, we have an exciting array of appcache and offline storage built into our HTML5 mobile web app that you will be expected to work with.

You can expect to work with the following:

HTML: We think semantics are important. Lanyrd is stocked with HTML semantics and microformats to improve usability with complementary and assistive technologies. You should know your way around the HTML5 and Microformat specifications and have a native grounding in accessibility.

CSS: You'll be turning designs and sketches into the real thing, so you need to be able to think in CSS. Lanyrd were pioneers of responsive design, so experience working with media queries and flexible layouts is a real plus. You will also be comfortable managing and scaling large style sheets, and have a deep understanding of CSS specificity.

Graphic editing tools: We use a selection of graphic editing tools here at Lanyrd, including Illustrator, Fireworks, Photoshop and Inkscape. You don't need to be an expert in all of these, but being comfortable in graphic editing tools is a plus.

Cross Browser/Platform Development: Since our site is responsive, we expect it to work well on a variety of platforms, devices, and print styles. You'll work with a range of platforms across multiple devices. We want you to use new browser technology to do brilliant things, but also smart hackery to get the most out of older and less capable browsers.

JavaScript: We're big fans of progressive enhancement, if something's possible without JavaScript, we make it work without JavaScript. However, we love using JavaScript to improve performance, experience, and sometimes just to add little unexpected niceties. Experience in managing JavaScript across a large site would be a real benefit. We currently use jQuery/Zepto.

Our mobile web offering, http://m.lanyrd.com/, pushes the boundaries of offline functionality using HTML5's ApplicationCache, LocalStorage and pushState history management. You'll need to be excited about working with relatively uncharted parts of the HTML5 specification, and dealing with buggy implementations across a variety of devices.

Git: We version Lanyrd with Git, and we host the repo on Github. Knowing the basics of Git or a similar DVCS helps, but we're not snobby about GUIs here, command line knowledge would be useful but not imperative.

You will be working in a small team, and so you will be involved in every aspect of the product. Youʼll be working alongside talented developers who are eager to learn from each other. Whilst we will be creating new features for Lanyrd, you will also be involved in maintaining and improving existing features and ensuring an excellent user experience throughout.

Enthusiasm is what we’re most interested in; you will need experience to prove it, but we want our team to be passionate about what they do.

In return we offer a competitive salary and stock options in Lanyrd, 25 days of holiday (excluding public holidays) which increases by one day per year up to a maximum of 28, a shiny-powerful laptop or iMac, and a training budget of £1000 a year.

If you’re interested, please send a covering letter, CV and examples of your work to jobs@lanyrd.com