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Lanyrd now helps LinkedIn users discover conferences and professional events based on their LinkedIn connections and profile information. This fills a gap left by the shutdown of LinkedIn's events application and allows event organizers to continue to take advantage of LinkedIn to promote their events. LinkedIn users can also use Lanyrd to build their own speaker profiles, get event information on their mobile phones and network more effectively with others at events.

Key points

  • Lanyrd is launching the ability to sign in with your LinkedIn account and get event recommendations based on your LinkedIn contacts and profile information.
  • LinkedIn users can now benefit from Lanyrd's directory of more than 25,000 events entered by our community in 100+ countries around the world.
  • LinkedIn announced that they will be shutting down their events app on the 26th of November in a help page on their site.
  • Speakers and attendees can build a profile of the events they have attended and the talks they have given. Where LinkedIn acts as your online resumé, Lanyrd can act as your online speaking portfolio.
  • Users can subscribe to weekly emails recommending events based on their LinkedIn profile. As they grow their network on LinkedIn, these emails will get increasingly more relevant.
  • Event organizers can use Lanyrd to promote their events, publish their event schedule both online and through our mobile apps, and gather together slides, notes and videos once the event has ended.
  • This also marks the first time Lanyrd have made their service available to people who do not use Twitter. New Lanyrd users can also now create an account using an email address and password.

About Lanyrd

Lanyrd helps people get more out of conferences and professional events, by discovering the right events to attend, meeting the right people while there and catching up on slides, notes and video afterwards.

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Please feel free to get in touch with us for more information. You can reach Lanyrd at press@lanyrd.com