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Personalized schedules for any event

Running a multi-track event? Lanyrd makes event planning easy by allowing event organizers to turn on personalized schedules for all of their attendees, synchronized to their mobile phones and tablets through our iOS, Android and Mobile Web apps.

Posted at 1:24am on 9th May 2014 by Simon Willison

Lanyrd acquired by Eventbrite

Lanyrd is becoming part of the Eventbrite family! We’re confident that Lanyrd will be better than ever as a result, whether you plan to sell tickets as an organizer or discover new events as an attendee.

Posted at 1:00pm on 3rd September 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Help alpha test Lanyrd for Android

We've released a public alpha version of our new native Lanyrd Android app. If you have an Android phone or tablet we'd love to have your help ironing out any bugs.

Posted at 9:54am on 9th August 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Find speakers for your events with Lanyrd’s new speaker directory

Today we’re pleased to announce our latest tool for event organisers and speakers: Lanyrd’s new speaker directory, providing access to over 70,000 speaker profiles across thousands of topic areas.

Posted at 2:51pm on 1st August 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Lanyrd Pro goes mobile

Lanyrd Pro team members now have the ability to join in and keep up to date from wherever they are. You can manage your team calendars and see members, as well as leave private comments on events. Members can even add, remove, and publish events right from their phones.

Posted at 10:54am on 4th July 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Brand new Lanyrd for iPad, iPhone and Mobile Web

We've reinvented our mobile experience from the ground up, adding a brand new iPad app to our existing iPhone and Mobile Web apps and providing conference organisers with a great way of sharing event information with their attendees and making it even easier to discover new events using Lanyrd.

Posted at 3:43pm on 20th June 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Lanyrd Pro improvements, and a new $39/month plan for small teams

Since the launch of Lanyrd Pro last month the Lanyrd team have been working very hard to bring new features to both standard and pro users. Check out some of the great new things we have been working on.

Posted at 7:37pm on 20th May 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Get conference suggestions by email, now with smarter location filtering

Sign up for Lanyrd's weekly emails to get personalised event reccommendations sent straight to your inbox. We've added extra location filters to make it even easier to find out about events that are directly relevant to you.

Posted at 5:13pm on 9th May 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Introducing Lanyrd Pro, for companies that speak at and sponsor events

Today we're excited to announce our first paid upgrade: Lanyrd Pro.

We're providing tools for teams and companies that speak at and sponsor events, to help promote the events they are involved with and effectively plan their ongoing event marketing strategies. Facebook, GitHub and Heroku are just three of the fantastic companies on board for our launch.

Posted at 1:28pm on 11th April 2013 by Lanyrd Team

Meet us at SXSW and get pieces of flair for your lanyrd lanyard

Natalie and I will be schmoozing and mingling at SXSW Interactive this year - find us and get some flair for your lanyard.

Posted at 3:55pm on 5th March 2013 by Simon Willison

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