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We're excited to launch one of our most requested features today: calls for participation. You can now use Lanyrd to find conferences to speak at, or to promote the call for speakers for an event you are organising.

Fosdem 2011, London DevNest, IA Summit 2011 and RailsConf 2011 are four examples of conferences that are currently looking for speakers.

Just like our coverage feature, calls with the right topics applied will get more exposure around the site - so don't forget the metadata! Here's the Ruby on Rails conference calls for participation page:

Ruby on Rails calls for proposals

You can subscribe to an Atom feed for any of these topic pages, to ensure you're the first to hear about new speaking opportunities.

Finally, you can browse through all of the conferences with open calls on our new calls for participation page.

Owen Gregory commented…

It would be really useful if the calls for participation page included where (city/country) the events are to be held. Overall, a great new feature.

Commented at 9:26am on 24th November 2010

Simon Willison commented…

Great idea, we've just added that - thanks.

Commented at 5:45pm on 24th November 2010

Delyn Simons commented…

Thank you, Lanyard!

Commented at 7:58pm on 24th November 2010

Patrick O'Keefe commented…

You guys are great. At some point, it might be cool if you let conferences mark whether or not these opportunities pay travel or an honorarium or would consider doing so, as well. Thanks for your continued efforts!

Commented at 7:38pm on 29th November 2010

Zoe M. Gillenwater commented…

This is a great idea. But I don't see the RSS on the calls page. Can you tell us what the URL to the feed is?

Commented at 7:40pm on 29th November 2010

Simon Willison commented…

Zoe: The atom feeds are only available for the call-for-topic pages, for example http://lanyrd.com/topics/ignite/... - they are linked from the right hand column, or you can just add "feed" on the end like this: http://lanyrd.com/topics/ignite/...

Commented at 11:51pm on 29th November 2010

Zoe M. Gillenwater commented…

Ah, got it. Thanks Simon.

Commented at 6:58pm on 1st December 2010


Time 1:57am

Date 24th November 2010


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