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We're extremely excited to announce a brand new dimension to Lanyrd today: conference coverage!

Lanyrd already finds conferences for you to attend based on who you follow on Twitter. With conference coverage, we can now help you get more out of the events you've been to and catch up on events you missed.

The web is scattered with the remnants of conferences past. Videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Justin.tv and blip.tv, slides on SlideShare and Scribd, thousands of blog entries and even sketchnotes on Flickr. Our new coverage feature lets you collect together all of that stuff and attach it to conferences, sessions, speakers and topics. It's the perfect past-time for metadata addicts like us!

Even Faster Web Sites, by Steve Souders

How it works

Here's how to use coverage. Find a link that's relevant to your favourite event out there on the big wide web — a write-up, a podcast, or maybe your own slides on SlideShare. Head over to the relevant Lanyrd session page (or add a new session), paste the link in to the box, check the title and content type then in the spin of a whisker it'll be added to the site.

Adding Coverage on Lanyrd

If you link to a video from one of the video sites mentioned earlier we'll try to display an embedded version — likewise for slides from SlideShare and Scribd. If you link to an MP3 recording of a session we'll even include a snazzy player widget.

Don't forget the metadata!

Make sure to add topics and speakers to the sessions. Coverage is deeply integrated with Lanyrd, and shows up in all sorts of places when combined with the right metadata. Here are some neat examples:

You can use our search engine to create even more elaborate combinations. Slides about Django presented during 2009 in Prague, perhaps?

Saving your favourites

We've also introduced a way of saving your favourite pieces of coverage. Click the yellow star to save something to your favourites, and tell the speaker (and the world) how much you appreciate their hard work. Favourites are currently used in a few places for ordering coverage on a page, and in the future will form part of a more extensive recommendation system.

Nat's favourite coverage

Or just explore

The easiest way to explore is to dive in to our new coverage center, or dip your toe in our content collections of video, slides or audio. Thank you very much to our beta testers who have been helping populate the initial collection (and iron out the kinks) over the past few days. And thanks to embed.ly for providing our embed codes.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Our new coverage center

James Pearce commented…

You guys are on a roll!

(Especially since that's in more ways than one ;-) )

Commented at 6:00pm on 2nd November 2010

Eric Ferraiuolo commented…

Great idea! Looking forward to enhanced Event pages. Really like how the various media attached to an event will show up embedded when possible, it will be interesting to hear more on that tech-side of that feature :-)

Commented at 6:12pm on 2nd November 2010

Simon Willison commented…

Thanks James :) We've been pretty busy.

Eric: we're using http://embed.ly/ to turn URLs in to embed codes, with a very restrictive whitelist of providers that we want to include. We'll be adding more sites to the whitelist over time.

Commented at 6:35pm on 2nd November 2010

Pelle Wessman commented…

Simon Willison: Cool that you're using Embed.ly - it's a nice service. oEmbed in itself though is even nicer since it's an open standard that make you totally independent of the provider of the embed codes :) Are you coding an oEmbed consumer in general or an Embed.ly consumer in particular? Coding an Embed.ly consumer in particular can in the long term be bad since any short comings in the oEmbed standard might not get properly addressed in the standard itself but rather in the Embed.ly API which makes you less independent. There are unfortunately already a few cases where that has happened which I've tried to resolve with the Embed.ly crew.

Commented at 9:02am on 3rd November 2010

Guy Leech commented…

Simon: I'm the resident web-dude with Web Directions - is there any metadata / etc it'd be useful for us to put on our site? Or anything else that might help you out, let me know.

Commented at 5:06am on 4th November 2010

Simon Willison commented…

Pelle: we've thought pretty carefully about our embed.ly dependence. We're deliberately only using them for a controlled subset of providers, and we fully expect to add our own custom code as well (including direct consumption of oEmbed where it makes sense).

Guy: thanks, we're trying to figure out a smarter way of working with conferences like Web Directions that already have a good collection of information on their own sites with proper permanent URLs.

Commented at 2:16pm on 4th November 2010


Time 5:37pm

Date 2nd November 2010


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