Lanyrd feeds: never miss out on a conference

We created Lanyrd to scratch our own itch: we were fed up of missing out on great conferences because we didn't hear about them in time. Today we're launching a new feature that makes it even easier to stay in the loop.

If you use feed reader software (we're big fans of Google Reader) you can now subscribe to feeds of newly added conferences on a specific topic, conferences in your area or even a combination of the two.

Our topic, place and topic-in-a-place pages all have accompanying Atom feeds, linked from the sidebar. Some examples:

This also reinforces a key tip for promoting your conference on Lanyrd: don't forget to add topics! Gain maximum exposure for your event by picking relevant topics that people will already be following.

And if you're interested in speaking at conferences don't forget our call for speaker feeds, available for every topic. Here's our feed for PHP conference CFPs: http://lanyrd.com/topics/php/calls/feed/

And finally, if you use iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar you should take a look at our iCal calendar support.

David Cramer commented…

Would love to see this extended to allow history of topics as well (not just upcoming).

Commented at 12:21am on 8th December 2010

David Cramer commented…

Actually, another great addition would be Atom for the people/user/sessions/ page :)

Commented at 12:23am on 8th December 2010

Simon Willison commented…

David: we'll be adding more feeds in the future, so that kind of thing is definitely on the cards.

Commented at 12:33am on 8th December 2010

superfeedr commented…

And another greater addition would be to make these feeds PubSubHubbub :) This way my app won't have to poll them all the time!

Commented at 12:44am on 8th December 2010

Dieter Engel commented…

Suggestion: I'm geographically flexible so it would be really useful to have aggregate locations like this: http://lanyrd.com/topics/startup... or even better: http://lanyrd.com/topics/startup...

Commented at 10:19pm on 8th December 2010

Paul Moutray commented…

Hi , We'd LIke to Integrate Lanyard , with our Application www.medical360.net . IF you are interested , let me know.

Commented at 3:57pm on 17th April 2011

Micro Update commented…

Is it possible to get an RSS feed of a search term?

Commented at 9:50am on 23rd November 2011

NantesJS commented…

What about a feed for the future events of a profile: http://lanyrd.com/profile/nantes... ?

Commented at 3:12pm on 4th January 2012


Time 12:03am

Date 8th December 2010


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