Lanyrd, now with sessions!

We built Lanyrd for people who attend, speak at or organise conferences. We also want to provide a permanent record of what happened at those events for everyone to benefit from. Today we're taking another step towards that goal by launching our new session pages.

Sessions can be attached to conferences. A session can be a talk, panel, keynote or even a lunch break. Just like conferences, sessions can have speakers and topics. Sessions don't have to have start and end times, but if they do we'll use them to generate a full conference schedule, like this one for DjangoCon US 2010:

The DjangoCon US 2010 schedule page

To add a session to a conference, click the "add a session" link in the yellow tools box on the conference page and fill in the form:

For multi-day conferences, you can pick the day of the session from the dropdown and then enter just the times.

But what about sessions that run overnight, like epic werewolf marathons? You can also chose to "set both the date and time" for a session. This works for overnight sessions, but can also be used for sessions that fall outside the formal dates of a conference such as a pre-party on the night before.

Don't forget to add speakers and topics to the session. Session speakers will be automatically added to the conference speaker list, and the session will be added to their speaker profile page. Session topics will be used to generate a handsome topic cloud on the speaker's profile page, like this one:

If you're a speaker, adding topics to your sessions is a great way to show the topics that you specialise in on your profile page.

Session pages also have short URLs, e.g. lanyrd.com/syf. These are ideal for including in your presentation or passing around on Twitter.

Want to your add slides to your session page? Here's a sneak preview of a feature that's coming soon.

We've also launched two other recent features that we thought you should know about.

Report an issue

Spot a problem with a conference, session or book listing — a duplicate listing for example? Use the new "report an issue" link to tell us about it and we'll see what we can do.

Nat's book credits

Book contributors

It takes more than just the author to produce a book. If you've ever been the editor, technical reviewer, foreword writer, cover designer or anything else you can now add yourself as a contributor using the new link on the book page. Your book credits will be shown on your profile page, and you'll also get a small credit link from the book page itself.

Nat's book credits

Christopher Gu〹eridge commented…

I've been working on a nice tool to visualise programmes in HTML. http://programme.ecs.soton.ac.uk...

Still a work in progress...

Commented at 1:36pm on 15th September 2010

Christopher Gu〹eridge commented…

Ooops, double encoded URL, This link might work: http://is.gd/fbPsV

Commented at 1:37pm on 15th September 2010

André Luís commented…

Oh! Sweet! :-D Almost there...

Natalie, could you please sprinkle some classNames to make the sessions hCalendars? ;-) I'd be glad to code them straight into your templates, if you're willing to mail the relevant ones to me. DM-me if interested.


Commented at 2:20pm on 15th September 2010

Natalie Downe commented…

Hello André, if you have a look at a session that has times added to it they are already micro-formatted up: http://lanyrd.com/2010/djangocon... both on the schedule page and on the session pages :)

Commented at 4:51pm on 15th September 2010

André Luís commented…

Oh! *facepalm* So sorry... I was looking at the event page, not the schedule itself. :)

Great work! I did find it odd that you hadn't used them. I fell like a klutz now... sorry. Btw, timezones are lacking... could be a bit of a pain... with events happening on different timezones than ours. ;)

Commented at 9:16pm on 15th September 2010

André Luís commented…

*feel, not fell. double klutz.

Commented at 9:37pm on 15th September 2010

Simon Willison commented…

We haven't sorted out timezones yet, but we'll be adding the ability for conferences to set a timezone (and we'll default it to the timezone for the place they are in, if they aren't an online conference).

Commented at 10:11am on 16th September 2010

Forex Affiliates commented…

Hello guys.. could Simon or Natalie drop me an email or let me know how to contact you guys? I'm available at contact@forexaffiliatesreview.com thanks.

Commented at 1:12pm on 6th October 2010

marc thiele commented…

Same question here: How do I delete a session?

Commented at 3:43pm on 17th March 2011

Patrick Sansom commented…

Me too, how do you delete a session?
Or will that feature come in due course... (i.e. where is it in the product backlog!?)

Commented at 9:53pm on 7th September 2011

Christian W. Frei commented…

Same question here: how can I delete a session?
Thanks for your help.

Commented at 12:43pm on 24th October 2011

Natalie Downe commented…

Hello, if you need to delete a session drop us a line at support@lanyrd.com and we can delete it for you

Commented at 10:31am on 11th January 2012

Atul Chitnis commented…

Is there a way to mass upload an event's schedule, eg as a csv file? Kinda painful adding items one at a time, especially when you have a almost a hundred of them, spread over several days and halls :)

Commented at 1:49pm on 5th June 2012

Simon Willison commented…

Atul: we have an internal tool for that - if you email support@lanyrd.com we should be able to help you out.

Commented at 5:09pm on 20th June 2012


Time 1:18pm

Date 15th September 2010


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