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How to share your 2011 conference plans

The holiday season is over; a whole wonderful year stretches before us! Could there be a more perfect time to start thinking about all the exciting conferences that lie ahead? And wouldn't it be even cooler if you could easily share those thoughts with your peers and friends? We think it would be!

Posted at 10:40am on 5th January 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Display your events on your own website with Lanyrd Badges

Lanyrd's new JavaScript badges let you display the conferences you are attending, tracking or speaking at on your own website in a variety of interesting ways.

Posted at 7:23pm on 13th January 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

A new look for the calendar

We are proud to introduce some small but fabulous changes to your Lanyrd calendar page! You can now track and attend events inline and see your own events in a handy tab - and it's a fair bit snappier too!

Posted at 3:25am on 27th January 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Get Lanyrd conference recommendations by email

Now you can stay up to date with events your contacts are interested in even more conveniently — direct to your email inbox!

Posted at 10:16am on 28th January 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Lanyrd announces YC funding!

Very exciting news that we have been absolutely bursting to tell you all about for a while now: Lanyrd gets investment and support from Y Combinator!

Posted at 9:14am on 31st January 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Get Lanyrd in your Gmail inbox with Rapportive

We've built an extension for Lanyrd that lets you see the conferences your email contacts are attending in the sidebar of your Gmail inbox.

Posted at 10:40pm on 9th February 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

A new look for our conference pages

Some of our conference pages were beginning to strain under the weight of all the wonderful information you've been adding, so we've rolled out a fresh new design and some useful new features.

Posted at 8:16pm on 18th February 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Lanyrd at SXSW Interactive

We're excited to announce the Lanyrd unofficial guide to SXSW Interactive 2011. Discover sessions from your Twitter contacts, track slides, video and notes and follow the conversation with a hash tag for every session.

Posted at 4:18pm on 22nd February 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Venues and rooms (and floor plans!) for SXSW Interactive

We've upgraded our unofficial SXSW session planner with venue information, maps, floor plans and more.

Posted at 11:59pm on 3rd March 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

SXSWi grid view and iCal export

Our unofficial SXSWi schedule planner now sports a useful grid view and the ability to export to iCal, Outlook or even your iPhone.

Posted at 7:53pm on 8th March 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

See your contacts' event plans on Twitter.com with our new browser extension

Now you can get Lanyrd information about a person directly on Twitter.com! Install our new browser extension (for Chrome or Firefox) to see events people are speaking at, slides and video from talks they have given, and even which sessions they are presenting or plan to attend.

Posted at 5:01pm on 9th March 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Fed up of hearing about SXSW? Block tweets from known attendees!

Are you fed up of seeing nothing but SXSW in your Twitter stream? Try our new browser extension which hides tweets from over 3,000 known attendees, as well as anything with the #sxsw hash tag.

Posted at 5:06am on 10th March 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Venues (and venue maps)

Have you ever found yourself completely lost on the way to an event? We certainly have. Today we're launching something that we think might help: venues and venue maps!

Posted at 5:35pm on 26th April 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Session schedules in your calendar

You can now subscribe to event schedules in your calendar of choice. Stay up to date at the event with the schedule in the pocket where you need it.

Posted at 1:24am on 10th May 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Welcoming Sophie Barrett to team Lanyrd

Today we have a very special announcement (and for once, it's not a new feature!) We would like to welcome the super-wonderful Sophie Barrett to the Lanyrd team.

Posted at 2:10pm on 23rd May 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe

Introducing week notes

We’d like to keep you more up to date with what we’re doing at Lanyrd and some of you have helpfully suggested week notes (thanks BERG and Tom Hume). We’ll be posting up once a week to let you know what we’ve been up to and this is our first edition.

Posted at 10:09am on 8th July 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Snazzy new profile page design, with photos!

Is your profile page bursting at the seams? Trying to find someone at an event by squinting at their quirky Twitter avatar? Or are you a conference organiser trying to gather speaker photos? We have good news for you!

Posted at 6:11pm on 14th July 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett

Week notes 2: Ferrets, bugs and eggs

It's been an another exciting week here at Lanyrd HQ. As you may have noticed we launched a significant redesign of our profile pages and a bunch of site wide improvements.

Posted at 2:48pm on 16th July 2011 by Natalie Downe

Week notes 3: How we built Lanyrd

Now that we're back in London, Nat and I have been getting stuck in to the local events scene. This week we gave two talks about Lanyrd, discussing our progress so far and explaining some of the underlying technology we've used to build the site.

Posted at 4:22pm on 24th July 2011 by Simon Willison

Week Notes: Zoo-tastic Adventures

This week started off with an epic adventure at London Zoo, primarily to catch the otters during feeding time. We spent a lovely afternoon dashing around at great speed, peering at meerkats, waving at penguins and gasping at the butterflies.

Posted at 2:49pm on 29th July 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Week notes: Web Fonts and the Woods

Another busy week at Lanyrd HQ. Some exciting non-product developments and a couple of late night programming episodes powered by take-out sushi. Plus, a day running around in the woods with 30 other web folk.

Posted at 7:22pm on 7th August 2011 by Natalie Downe

Welcoming Jake Archibald to team Lanyrd

Super awesome news to tell you all today, our merry little band of three becomes four! We welcome Jake Archibald to Lanyrd.

Posted at 4:43pm on 12th August 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett

Week notes: Serendipity and Building Lanyrd

Nat and I hit the speaking circuit again this week, discussing Lanyrd's relationship with serendipity and detailing some of the technical challenges we've faced building the site.

Posted at 11:54pm on 14th August 2011 by Simon Willison

Presenting thumbnails of slides and video

Lanyrd now has a whopping 2,500 videos and 3,000 slide decks from events all around the world; we have spruced them up with thumbnails to make it easier for you to discover all this lovely content.

Posted at 3:10pm on 17th August 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett

Lanyrd pops to the seaside

It may be raining now but we’re hoping that it clears up again in early September because Team Lanyrd is off to the seaside.

Posted at 3:14pm on 18th August 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Week Notes: Under the Thumbnails

This week we’ve been busy releasing the coverage thumbnails update. We got to hit the big red deploy button, which always makes us happy. It feels like it’s been a while since we launched a publicly visible update and this is because the thumbnails ended up being a bit trickier than we’d anticipated.

Posted at 3:55pm on 19th August 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Week notes: Collaborative note taking and video highlights

Collaborative note-taking at Encampment London, and highlights from this week's conference video releases.

Posted at 11:35pm on 28th August 2011 by Simon Willison

Weeknotes: Happy Birthday, Lanyrd

A super-busy week punctuated by our birthday party and three varied and interesting conferences down by the sea at the Brighton Digital Festival.

Posted at 11:56pm on 5th September 2011 by Natalie Downe

Introducing our Investors

We've got some very exciting news to announce. We have now closed our round of seed funding, raising $1.4 million from primarily UK investors alongside some US angels.

Posted at 5:44pm on 6th September 2011 by Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett

Week Notes: Back to the office

Last week was super exciting for team Lanyrd. We were back in the office on Tuesday after a weekend of conferences, for our funding announcement.

Posted at 11:40am on 12th September 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Visualising Lanyrd's topic data

In our first ever guest post for the Lanyrd blog, Matt Biddulph shares an interactive visualisation of Lanyrd's conference topic data and explains how he created it.

Posted at 2:23pm on 13th September 2011 by Matt Biddulph

Welcoming Jake, and this week in conferences

This week we moved office and welcomed our fourth permanent team member, Jake. Plus, this week's conference video highlights.

Posted at 8:57pm on 25th September 2011 by Simon Willison

A bit of a catch up

I’m cheating a little this week and giving you a bumper edition. We’ve all been rather busy over the past couple of weeks and three quarters of us are jetting off to speak at conferences.

Posted at 5:14pm on 7th October 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Lanyrd for iPhone, on iOS 4 and iOS 5

We're pleased to announce the release of our first native iPhone (and iPod touch) app. The Lanyrd app gives you instant access to your events on your phone, and stores the schedule and attendee directory offline so you can access it abroad regardless of hefty roaming charges or dodgy conference WiFi. Download it now from the App Store.

Posted at 6:41am on 12th October 2011 by Jake Archibald and Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett

Travels, tech, and wardrobe malfunctions

Crikey, I've only been at Lanyrd a couple of weeks and they've already let me loose on the blog, what were they thinking?

Posted at 12:21pm on 17th October 2011 by Jake Archibald

Week Notes: Talks and Plans

Web Directions South, the origins of Lanyrd, upcoming talks and other office goings-on.

Posted at 8:25pm on 28th October 2011 by Natalie Downe

Week notes: Internet Week, BarCamps and Spectrum chip tunes

Looking back on BarCamp London 9, and forward to this week's Internet Week Europe.

Posted at 2:29pm on 7th November 2011 by Simon Willison

Welcome, Tom Insam

We're excited to welcome Tom Insam, developer extraordinaire and latest addition to the Lanyrd team.

Posted at 5:26pm on 8th November 2011 by Simon Willison

Week notes: Tomorrow's World, Full Frontal, Power of One and our iPhone app update

Last week we had the joy of having everyone in the office and we've been busy!

Posted at 6:24pm on 14th November 2011 by Sophie Barrett

Week notes: Puppets, garlic and RAWWWWK

On Tuesday we were dragged our of our coding lair to a 'Surprise Lanyrd night out' to celebrate Tom & I joining the team.

Posted at 4:55pm on 18th November 2011 by Jake Archibald

Timely goodness: Start and end times for events and a mini design refresh for the schedule

We're releasing a much requested improvement today - start and end for events, along with a refresh of the way we display session information.

Posted at 2:10pm on 22nd November 2011 by Jake Archibald and Simon Willison and Natalie Downe and Sophie Barrett and Tom Insam 🎩

Week notes: Hedgehogs and coffee

It's Monday, and I've been working here two entire weeks, which means that they've let me out of the New Employee Orientation Box for the the first time! Hello world! It sure is bright out here.

Posted at 11:39am on 28th November 2011 by Tom Insam 🎩

Campfire, Hubot and looking forward to 2012

This week we've mainly been playing with our new chat bot, and looking forward to the next round of conferences in 2012.

Posted at 4:22pm on 6th December 2011 by Simon Willison

Week notes: Design process, stationery & Lego seagulls

It has been a week of juggling many exciting new things — not literally though because I have no co-ordination whatsoever. Project Hamster continues and we start in ernest on 'Project Firefly' which involves a significant amount of cutting gluing and sticking.

Posted at 2:38pm on 12th December 2011 by Natalie Downe

Week notes: Fireflying towards Christmas

This week we have mostly been concentrating on "Project Firefly", our last feature for 2011. We've moved beyond last weeks paper and wall based designs and have moved onto prototyping and building the feature.

Posted at 12:38pm on 17th December 2011 by Sophie Barrett

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