Welcoming Jake Archibald to team Lanyrd

Super awesome news to tell you all today, our merry little band of three becomes four! We welcome Jake Archibald to Lanyrd.

If you haven’t seen the marvels of Jake’s work before then you’ve missed out. His current pet side project is Spritecow, a service to help developers manage using CSS sprites.

Jake joins us from his previous position as senior web developer at The Team. Prior to The Team, Jake was the force behind the BBC’s Glow JavaScript library. He also chaired the BBC JavaScript standards group and worked on some of the BBC's Future Media Standards and Guidelines.

A talented and prolific conference speaker, if you get the chance to see one of Jake’s talks we recommend you go. Some of our favourites include ‘Optimising where it hurts’ from Full Frontal in 2009, ‘Reusable code, for good or for awesome’ at Fronteers 2010 and ‘@font-face - good vs legal’ at DIBI 2011.

We can't wait to start working with Jake when he joins the Lanyrd team in late September.

cold climate commented…

My favorite speaker of the day at DIBI. Awesome addition to any team.

Commented at 3:54pm on 12th August 2011

Phil Hawksworth commented…

Congratulations @lanyrd! I've worked with Jake for the last year and think while I'm phenomenally bitter that you've nabbed him (!), I think that it is a great fit. Looking forward to seeing new and exciting developments on Lanyrd.

Commented at 4:04pm on 12th August 2011

Simon Willison commented…

Thanks Phil - we promise to make the most of him!

Commented at 4:07pm on 12th August 2011

Fraser Pearce commented…

Awesome! Nice work Jake! Good luck!

Commented at 4:36pm on 12th August 2011

BenJam commented…

Wow, small world today. Congrat's guys.

Commented at 7:46pm on 12th August 2011


Time 4:43pm

Date 12th August 2011


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