Get Lanyrd in your Gmail inbox with Rapportive

We've built an extension for Lanyrd that lets you see the conferences your email contacts are attending in the sidebar of your Gmail inbox.

Have you tried Rapportive? It's a really neat extension for Gmail that shows extra information about your contacts in a panel next to your emails. It's great for remembering exactly who someone is and getting links to more information about them.

Other services can create extensions to Rapportive by writing Raplets - and we're pleased to announce that the official Lanyrd Raplet is now live and ready to be added to your inbox!

Here's what the Lanyrd Raplet looks like:

The Lanyrd Raplet

As you can see, we show you conferences your contact is attending in the future and provide links to their slides, video and audio clips on Lanyrd, if they have any.

And here's how to add the Raplet to your Gmail account:

  1. Install the Rapportive browser extension by following their instructions. It's compatible with Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  2. Check that Rapportive is working by signing in to your Gmail account.
  3. Browse to raplets.com
  4. Click "Add this" next to the Lanyrd Raplet.

As always, we welcome any feedback. Contact info @ lanyrd.com or leave us a comment.

Flow Simple commented…

Amazing. Your feature set just keeps getting better and better.

Commented at 1:06am on 10th February 2011


Time 10:40pm

Date 9th February 2011


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