Introducing week notes

We’d like to keep you more up to date with what we’re doing at Lanyrd and some of you have helpfully suggested week notes (thanks BERG and Tom Hume). We’ll be posting up once a week to let you know what we’ve been up to and this is our first edition.

It’s been an exciting week here at Lanyrd HQ. We moved into new office space at the end of last week and have been busy ordering sofas, a fridge and a coffee machine to get us all set up and comfy.

Monday was my first day, and so it’s been especially exciting for me. I spent the beginning of the week having a whistle stop tour of Lanyrd as it is now and getting a general overview of our plans for the future.

One of my first tasks to help Simon & Nat feel a little more organised (and to help me keep track of all this new found knowledge) was to splurg a whole load of our ideas and tasks onto post-it notes. We’ve now got a feature wall to work from and it’s really helpful to have our plans visible to all of us. I’ve had my admin hat on for much of the week, burrowing my head in the accounts and setting up office running systems.

Natalie has been busy with Project Ferret, first working on the design before doing her HTML/CSS magic. She’s starting with the most complicated designs first and it’s been great to see sketches go up around the office.

Simon, along with our occasional collaborator Ben Firshman, has been busy with Project Tentacle. Tentacle is taking us a little more time than expected, in part due to the fact that we’ve been using words that mean different things to each of us. We’ve taken another of our lovely walls to brainstorm further and clarify the project.

Due to Thursday’s torrential downpours we’ve had to postpone our otter spotting expedition, but hope to head out for this early next week. Watch this space for any otter spotting evidence.

Andy Piper commented…

Ferrets with Tentacles? you people are weeeeeeird :-)

Commented at 5:05pm on 13th July 2011


Time 10:09am

Date 8th July 2011


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