A bit of a catch up

I’m cheating a little this week and giving you a bumper edition. We’ve all been rather busy over the past couple of weeks and three quarters of us are jetting off to speak at conferences.

Natalie and Simon are on their way to speak at Web Directions South, where they’ll be giving a talk on Lanyrd: From side project to startup, it's the talk they wish they'd heard before they started.

They'll also be video-linking in to the Twitter London Dev Teatime event on Monday evening to talk about how Lanyrd uses the Twitter API.

Jake is at Fronteers 2011 in Amsterdam, giving a talk on In your @font-face. Next week he's jetting off to GOTO Aarhus 2011 where he'll be wowing the Danes with more font goodness.

Last weekend Natalie, Simon and I packed our sleeping bags and headed just north of London for Over The Air in Bletchley Park. We had a super couple of days listening to talks and taking a tour that included seeing both Colossus and the Bombe working.

Natalie and Simon have since been busy working hard to finish project Hamster. We hope to be able to tell you more about this within the next few weeks. It's been a really interesting project for us, and we're really excited about it.


Time 5:14pm

Date 7th October 2011


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