Lanyrd announces YC funding!

Very exciting news that we have been absolutely bursting to tell you all about for a while now: Lanyrd gets investment and support from Y Combinator!

Horatio visits Y Combinator

Some of the more observant amongst you may have noticed that we have been based in Mountain View, California for a few weeks now rather than working on Lanyrd 'on the road' through Morocco, Egypt and South Africa as we were before. Well, the cat is out of the bag, we are here for the three month Y Combinator class of Winter 2011.

For those of you who haven't heard about Y Combinator, getting accepted is quite a coup and we are very happy about it! Paul Graham wrote an article about what exactly happens at YC. It was this article that convinced us to apply back at the end of October last year.

YC gives us a small amount of investment in return for a small stake in our company, but its not really about that. The great thing about YC is the support, help and advice available. They know that doing a startup is hard and they have seen hundreds of young companies like us go through their doors so they really understand the patterns and the pitfalls.

As of last Friday the YC experience just got even more exciting! We were called into the YC Headquarters for a 'Mystery Event' that started at 9pm, with much wild ideas and speculation as to what it would be. The announcement was that SV Angel and Yuri Milner would be investing an extra $150,000 into every YC company in our batch! Naturally we are very excited about this. We now afford to eat chicken with our ramen noodles.

There have been four of the ten YC Dinners so far, a chance for the founders in the same batch to get together to share and learn from each other over some food and lemonade. Doing a startup can be a bit of an isolating experience (even if you aren't trying to travel the world at the same time) and its really reassuring to talk to the people who sit next to you on the same emotional roller-coaster.

Since we are focusing on the site full time now you can expect more exciting Lanyrd-y goodness to come, we are only just getting started!

Adrian Pratt commented…

Great news guys :)

Commented at 5:17pm on 31st January 2011

Dominic Mitchell commented…

Congratulations—I'll have to buy you a drink. :)

Commented at 5:31pm on 31st January 2011

Thomas Vander Wal commented…

This is great news. Congratulations!

Commented at 5:40pm on 31st January 2011

Natalie Downe commented…

Thanks! we are pretty excited about it all! :)

Commented at 5:48pm on 31st January 2011

Robin Taylor commented…

Congratulations :)

Commented at 5:50pm on 31st January 2011

Ben Werdmuller commented…

Pretty cool, and well deserved. Can't wait to see how you evolve the site over the next 18 months!

Commented at 6:06pm on 31st January 2011

Richard Terry commented…


Commented at 6:48pm on 31st January 2011

Dave Beckett commented…

Congratulations and welcome to my home town

Commented at 10:49pm on 31st January 2011

Robert Lee-Cann commented…

Congratulations :D

Commented at 2:55pm on 2nd February 2011

Jonathan Tilley commented…

Well done.

Commented at 2:56pm on 2nd February 2011

Michael Mahemoff commented…

Congrats, totally deserved - looking forward to seeing what comes next.

Commented at 3:56pm on 2nd February 2011

Tony Scott commented…

Excellent news - good luck with the project!

Commented at 2:05am on 7th February 2011

Phil Hawksworth commented…

Wonderful and well deserved. After seeing how quickly Lanyrd has evolved into such a valuable resource on the Web, it will be great to see what happens when you are both working on it full time.

Commented at 9:21am on 7th February 2011

VARUN BANSAL commented…

Awesome news guys! All the very best to the team.

Commented at 2:35pm on 13th February 2011

Jake Wengroff commented…

Congratulations! I'm telling everyone about Lanyrd and what a wonderful resource it is. I only hope you grow larger and more influential.

Commented at 5:39pm on 27th February 2011


Time 9:14am

Date 31st January 2011


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