It's our second birthday!

How time flies... today is the two-year anniversary of our initial public launch, from a rented apartment in Casablanca on Natalie and Simon's honeymoon.

We celebrated by taking the team out to lunch at a local Moroccan restaurant. Here's our birthday photo!

The team at our birthday lunch

(Tom is away getting married, so tiny Tom makes an appearance on the table courtesy of Jake's l33t photoshop skills).

Richard Boulton commented…

Glad to see Horatio made it to the meal, though.

Commented at 6:05pm on 31st August 2012

Georg Portenkirchner commented…

Happy birthday Lanyrd! Huge thanks to the team for this great site!

Commented at 12:14pm on 1st September 2012

Paul Saunders commented…

two thumbs up!!

Commented at 4:34pm on 3rd September 2012

arul commented…

Happy birthday...☆★☆★☆★

Commented at 6:00pm on 3rd September 2012

Joseph Michael Scott commented…

Congratulations !

Commented at 11:34pm on 3rd October 2012

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 6:05pm

Date 31st August 2012


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