Claim your event, embed your schedule and use Lanyrd as the mobile app for your event

We're now inviting event organisers to claim their event listings on Lanyrd. Claiming an event is free and claimed events gain access to useful additional features including event descriptions, advanced schedule editing and the ability to embed schedule and speaker information on another website.

Lanyrd loves event organisers. We're always looking out for ways to help you run the best events possible.

Today we're inviting organisers to claim their event listings on Lanyrd. Placing a claim takes less than a minute, and once your claim is approved we'll unlock a suite of useful new features for your event.

The claiming process is simple - just sign in to Lanyrd, hit the green "Claim" button on your event's page, provide us with a contact email address and a way of verifying that you run the event and we'll approve your claim as quickly as we can.

Why claim your event?

Claiming your event unlocks a host of useful new features. Highlights include:

Event descriptions. You can now add a detailed description of your event, which will be displayed at the top of your listing. This is an excellent way to show your attendees what makes your event special.

Mozilla Festival - an event with a description

Rooms for your schedule. If you're running a multi-track event, you can now set up rooms and use them to organise your sessions. You can even turn on a grid view showing how your sessions stack up.

Grid view for the OSCON 2012 schedule

Control who can edit your listing. By default, Lanyrd works like Wikipedia - site users are encouraged to help extend existing listings to help make them as detailed as possible. Claiming your event gives you the option to restrict who can edit which parts of your listing. You might want to lock down the core event information but allow your attendees to add their own session (for a BarCamp for example), or maybe you want to lock down the schedule but allow your speakers to be able to update their session descriptions.

Interface for setting permissions

You can also assign someone else as an editor to help manage your listingā€¦ and you can delete incorrect sessions that have been cancelled or were added by mistake.

Promote your ticket sales. You can now link directly to the ticket sales URL for your event. If you're using Eventbrite, we'll even let you embed the Eventbrite ticket sales widget directly on your event page. This makes your tickets instantly accessible to potential attendees.

Eventbrite widget for BarCamp Birmingham 6

Embed your schedule, speakers and attendees on your own event website

Does your event have its own website? There's no need to duplicate the scheduleā€¦ we now offer a powerful embedding feature (similar to our JavaScript badges for speakers) which lets you display the schedule on your site and customise exactly how you want it to be displayed using CSS. You can embed the full schedule, embed the schedule for an individual day or even embed a list of people attending or speaking at your event.

Schedule embed tool for Digital Shoreditch

You can see how Digital Shoreditch used custom styled versions of our embeds on the NEXT and PLAY pages on their site. You can try out our embed wizard with the Digital Shoreditch schedule data over here, or with their speakers or attendees.

And if you chose to host your schedule somewhere else, we'll support that too - just paste the URL in to the "Official schedule URL" box on the event edit screen and we'll link to it from all the right places.

Use Lanyrd as your mobile app: your schedule, mobile and available offline

Host your schedule on Lanyrd and we'll make it available to your attendees through our iPhone app and our Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone-compatible Mobile Web app (a native Android app is also on the way). Both apps support offline access, so your attendees will be able to see what's going on even if they're travelling abroad without a data plan. We'll also make your schedule available in iCal format so your attendees can subscribe to it from their desktop or mobile calendar software.

Our mobile apps

More ways for us to work together

All of the above features are available today, for free, to anyone who claims their event. We also have a growing range of premium features. If you'd like to run a custom social schedule for your event, or to include your sponsors in our schedule and mobile apps, please get in touch.

A custom social schedule for your event

Our social schedule minisite was a big hit at SXSW Interactive and Digital Shoreditch, London. It's designed to allow attendees to plan their event, including seeing which sessions their friends think are interesting.

We can customise the look and feel for your event. Make your attendee's personal schedules available on their mobile phones and via iCal/Google Calendar.

Contact us

digital shoreditch mini site

Your branding and sponsor logos in our mobile apps

Want to really impress your sponsors? We can display their logos and other information in our mobile apps and on your Lanyrd event listing. Or we can tie them to your custom social schedule minisite.

As with the schedule, speaker and attendee directories; sponsor information is available in our mobile apps.

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Date 23rd July 2012


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