Lanyrd + foursquare = instant event information when you check in

Lanyrd now integrates with foursquare — connect up our new foursquare app and we'll show you information about events when you check in to the conference venue.

Foursquare has become an essential app for conference-goers — both for finding friends and for figuring out the best places to grab food and coffee during the event.

Our brand new foursquare app feeds relevant event information to you the moment you check in to a venue hosting an event listed on Lanyrd.

How it works

First, you'll need to add Lanyrd to your foursquare account. You can do that from within the foursquare app itself, or by visiting this page in the foursquare app gallery. Click the green "connect app" button, confirm that we're allowed access to your foursquare data and you'll be all set up.

When you sign in to a venue that's hosting an event, we'll add a note to your check-in telling you what's on and linking through to our information about that event.

A foursquare checkin

If you were planning to attend that event, we'll also add a comment to your check-in telling your friends why you're there. If you're speaking we'll include that as well.

A foursquare checkin comment

How do I enable this feature for my event?

First, make sure your event's venue is displayed on Lanyrd. You can add venues by editing your event and accessing the "venues" tab. If the venue hasn't already been added to Lanyrd you'll have to add it. Make sure you center the map as accurately as possible on the venue location.

Next, check that the Lanyrd venue is linked with a foursquare venue. It might be linked already (we have nearly 1,000 venues linked to foursquare already). If it's already linked, you'll see a "This venue on foursquare" link at the top of the venue page. If not, you can click the "Match to foursquare" link in the right hand column, search foursquare for the relevant venue and link the two together.

Let us know what you think

Got comments, feedback or suggestions on our foursquare integration? Let us know on Twitter, in the comments or drop us a line at support@lanyrd.com.

AAF Seattle commented…

We set up our Lanyrd integration with Foursquare well in advance of the event, matched the venue, added the app in Foursquare, and yet nobody saw the info upon check-in. What's worse, is checking even the Lanyrd app at 5:55 for a 6:00 event showed no events - the event that was about to start *was* listed under past events. Verified correct date and time listed in Lanyrd but it still showed as past when it hadn't even started yet.. not sure if this was why it didn't show in Foursquare but whatever the reason it didn't look good for us to have gone through the trouble of telling people about Lanyrd/Foursquare just to have it not work.

Commented at 5:03am on 9th October 2012

Simon Willison commented…

Thanks for the feedback - my apologies on this, it was actually a timezone issue (an evening event in Seattle is past midnight in GMT, so we weren't treating the event as being on today). We rolled out a fix for this a while ago, please let us know if you still see the problem.

Commented at 9:33am on 8th February 2013

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 4:53pm

Date 11th July 2012


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