Introducing Guides

We’re pleased to announce a new feature, Guides! (codename Project Firefly if you’ve been reading the week-notes). Guides are a great way for you to create and curate an editorial list of conferences that matter to you.

You can create a guide or join other people’s public guides to help them curate events, or you can just track a guide. Upcoming events from the guides you track or curate will appear in your calendar.

Leisa Reichelt's guide to UX conferences

If you create a guide, you can either keep it protected so that only you can add events and edit it. Or you can create a public guide that anyone can join to help you curate it. Anyone can 'track' either type of guide.

Guides are a great way for you to share events that matter to you. You can annotate events within your guide to tell people why you enjoyed the event, or why you think other people should attend.

You can browse existing guides here, or read our Guides Help for more information.

A few examples

Our Guides page shows featured guides that we're particularly impressed with. Our beta testers have already created some extremely useful guides - our favourite so far is Leisa Reichelt's guide to UX conferences.

If you're interested in the London startup community, our group guide to events in Silicon Roundabout might be of interest. Remember, you can subscribe to the Atom or iCal feeds of any guide to ensure you stay up to date.

Matt Biddulph has a handy guide to Big Data events, Blaine Cook has a guide to the major Online Publishing conferences in 2012 and Dan Williams used guide annotations to review events he enjoyed in 2011.

Guides in your Lanyrd calendar

An event from a guide displayed in your calendar

You’ll also see that we’ve made some changes to your calendar page to integrate guides that you curate or track. You’ll see there’s now an “all suggestions” tab that integrates upcoming events from guides you track and from people that you’re following.

Embedding guides on your own site

You can also embed a guide easily onto your own website in a similar way to our badge that embeds events that you’re speaking at. You can configure how your guide is displayed on your site or if you feel like going Old Skool, you can copy and paste it as HTML.

Event changes via email

Only guide curators can change the events in a guide, but the event listings themselves are still governed by Lanyrd's wikipedia-style editing model. If you want to help keep an eye on the events you have chosen for your guide, you can sign up for emails that summarise changes made to all of the events in the guides you are curating. You'll be given the option to subscribe to these when you create or join a guide, and you can also manage this feature on our email preferences page.

Guides or topics?

Guides are not intended as a replacement for our existing topics feature. Topics are great for finding upcoming JavaScript events or Social Media events in London, but they don't offer a way for people to express an editorial opinion. There are also some groups of event that topics and places can't quite represent - Silicon Roundabout isn't technically a geographical place, but it's still useful as a way of classifying events.

Let us know what you think

We hope you enjoy setting up your own guides of the events that you enjoy; we look forward to seeing them on Lanyrd and on your own sites.

If you have any feedback, please do talk to us in the comments below or by emailing support@lanyrd.com. We’d love to hear from you!

Gianfranco Chicco commented…

very useful feature, thanks!

Commented at 4:52pm on 10th January 2012


Time 3:33pm

Date 10th January 2012


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