Use Lanyrd and LinkedIn to get more out of professional events and conferences

Sign in to Lanyrd with LinkedIn to get event recommendations (and more) based on your LinkedIn connections and professional profile. Also just launched: a new dashboard, a brand new homepage and a whole host of tools for better managing your Lanyrd profile.

Lanyrd + LinkedIn!

LinkedIn is the world's largest professional network. Today, we're inviting LinkedIn users to join Lanyrd and benefit from our huge and growing collection of events, conferences, speakers, presentations and videos.

Got a LinkedIn account? Sign in now with LinkedIn to get started.

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When you sign in with LinkedIn, we'll look at who you are connected to and the industry you are involved with. We'll use that information to suggest conferences and events that we think are relevant to you, and build you a personalized calendar of interesting upcoming events.

The welcome screen after you sign in with LinkedIn

This new dashboard is now the first page you'll see when you sign in to Lanyrd. For existing users: don't worry, you can still access your full suggestions calendar from the site-wide navigation menu.

You can also subscribe to a weekly email of relevant upcoming events, so you don't need to keep coming back to Lanyrd to hear about what's new.

Create your own speaker profile

Every Lanyrd user gets a profile page showing the events they plan to attend and promoting their upcoming speaker engagements or talks they have given in the past. Where LinkedIn acts as your online resumé, Lanyrd can act as your online speaking portfolio.

Natalie Downe's speaker portfolio on Lanyrd

To start creating your profile, simply find events you are going to (or have been to in the past) and click the "I'm attending" button. If you're speaking at an event you can add yourself to the list of speakers. Lanyrd works like Wikipedia, so if an event you're going to isn't yet listed, you can add it!

Event organizers: promote your events with Lanyrd!

Do you run a conference, meetup or networking event? You can promote it for free on Lanyrd. We welcome listings for all kinds of professional events - from big trade shows and multi-day conferences to evening meetups and networking mixers.

Adding your event to Lanyrd will help get the word out to our audience of keen event attendees, and we also provide extra tools to help promote your event across LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook. If you claim your event listing you can unlock extra tools for managing your event listing, publishing your schedule on your own website and taking advantage of our offline-enabled event mobile apps.

JS Kings event page

Don't use Twitter or LinkedIn? Register with an email address and password

Until today, the only way to use Lanyrd has been to sign in with a Twitter account. We've had plenty of requests for other options, so today in addition to launching LinkedIn we're also introducing the ability to register for an account directly using an email address and password.

If you sign up for this kind of account you'll need to help us give you better recommendations - find some topics to track, subscribe to some guides or track people from your community who are using Lanyrd.

Existing users: you can now track people on Lanyrd separately from Twitter

Today's release also marks a big change for existing Lanyrd users. You can now maintain a separate list of people you "track" on Lanyrd from the people you follow on Twitter (previously we would only show you recommendations based on your Twitter graph). By default we'll automatically track people on Lanyrd when you follow them on Twitter, but you can turn that off if you want to manage separate social graphs - maybe your friends on Twitter aren't necessarily the people who you want to hang out with at conferences (or vice versa).

If you add your LinkedIn account to your existing Lanyrd account, you'll get all of the same benefits as LinkedIn users - you'll even be able to sign in to Lanyrd using LinkedIn instead of Twitter, should such a thing take your fancy.

If you chose to manage your contacts manually rather than automatically tracking anyone who you are connected with on Twitter or LinkedIn, you can try out our new contact finder.

Find contacts from LinkedIn

And one more thing...

To celebrate our new release, we've given Lanyrd's homepage a long awaited update... including a brand new interactive map for exploring our upcoming event listings! If you're signed in to Lanyrd you won't be able to view the homepage, but you can try out the new map on our upcoming events page.

Our new interactive map

Press coverage

Raj Lal commented…

awesome job guys

Commented at 8:08pm on 26th November 2012

Patrick Sansom commented…

Wow, now that's how you roll out an update!

Commented at 9:34pm on 26th November 2012

Jonathon Colman commented…

Brilliant! Thanks for continuing to invest and iterate Lanyrd. It just keeps getting better and better. And I notice that more and more Lanyrd pages for conferences are popping up in search results - you're doing a great job with SEO! :)

Commented at 10:55pm on 26th November 2012

Shahid Shah commented…

I've been a longtime user of Lanyrd using my Twitter account. Can I merge my LinkedIn and Twitter accounts together? It seems when I log in with Twitter I have a separate account versus LinkedIn. Can I switch all my history over to LinkedIn from Twitter?

Commented at 1:28am on 27th November 2012

Simon Willison commented…

Shahid: yes, you absolutely can. Sign in to either of your accounts, then attempt to connect the other account from the http://lanyrd.com/edit-profile/l... page (so if you signed in with Twitter, attempt to connect with LinkedIn). We'll notice that the other account is already tied to a Lanyrd profile and ask you if you want to merge the two together.

Let us know if this doesn't work for you and we can merge your accounts for you - contact support@lanyrd.com

Commented at 8:14am on 27th November 2012

Romona Foster commented…

This is fabulous! I'm just finding out about Lanyrd. I am looking forward to experiencing all that it has to offer.

Commented at 8:38pm on 1st December 2012

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 1:08pm

Date 26th November 2012


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