Week notes: Little Printer

On Saturday we headed over to BERG's Little Printer Hack Day to hack around with the future of personal whimsical paper-based communication.

Little Printer, announced by BERG back in November and available to purchase later this year, "lives in your front room and scours the Web on your behalf, assembling the content you care about into designed deliveries a couple of times a day".

It's a beautifully designed device, and a huge amount of fun to hack on. Little Printer owners can subscribe to publications and assign them delivery times. When a delivery comes in, the white light on top of the printer starts gently pulsing. Press the delivery button and the publication prints out.

After getting to know our assigned printer (each printer has a name - ours was "The artist formerly known as Prints") we started thinking about what would be most useful for conference attendees. Since Lanyrd knows which events you are planning to attend, where and when those events are and who else is going, our hack provides the key information you'll need for the day ahead - including the Twitter names of the organisers (in case you have questions on the day), a Stamen Toner map (ideally suited to Little Printer's thermal printing) and a list of other people you know who will be there.

Our Little Printer hack

The hack day was great fun, and there were some fabulously creative hacks (my favourite was Paper Pets, which delivers printed instructions for making origami animals). You can see some of the hacks in Alice's write-up on the BERG Cloud blog. We'll certainly be experimenting more with Little Printer in the future.

Last week in conference coverage

It's definitely high-season for technical conferences. Last weeks highlights included Google I/O, O'Reilly's Velocity and Open Source Bridge in Portland.


Time 2:41pm

Date 2nd July 2012


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