New and improved: Lanyrd’s mobile web app

We've updated our HTML5 mobile web app, adding features, redesigning, and improving performance. Want access to your events without a data connection? Bookmark our mobile web app.

As you'd expect with the open web, you don't need to install or update anything, just point your mobile device at m.lanyrd.com and off you go!

The new app does everything the old one did, but faster and shinier. Our device support remains as ambitious as ever, you should expect it to work on your latest super-phone from outer-space but also on your ageing business phone that "the company" refuses to upgrade. If it doesn't work for you, let us know at support@lanyrd.com.

Less capable devices will get a standard web experience, whereas newish iPhone/Android/Blackberry devices will get offline storage, performance enhancements and minor bits of visual glitter.

Screenshots of Lanyrd mobile web app

What's changed?

  • Save offline without signing in; Although we recommend logging in to sync events across devices.
  • Faster offline access; we store events you are attending or tracking offline and load them instantly — no need to wait for the conference wifi. Updates are fetched in the background.
  • Suggested events; we have renamed this tab from "Contacts' events". We still show you suggested events that your twitter contacts are going to or interested in, but we now also show you upcoming events that have been added to any guides you are tracking. This is similar to what we already do on lanyrd.com.
  • New "Profile" tab; this new tab shows your profile so you can easily see your information.
  • Better event schedules; we know lots of events have large schedules so we've redesigned the schedule page to make it easier for you to navigate. Events with long schedules can also now be searched.
  • Improved speaker pages; these now include more information on each speaker including their bio if we have it, which sessions they're speaking at, upcoming speaking engagements, and events they're attending or are involved with.
  • Improved attendee pages; similar to the speaker pages, these now include more information on each attendee, including their upcoming events. This provides you with more ways to connect with others during events
  • Venue pages; get contact details for an event's venue, very handy if you get lost!

If you're an iPhone user, you should check out our native iOS app, available in the App Store.

Egon Willighⓐgen commented…

Is it also possible to log in using the Twitter app? Because I am not logged in via my webbrowser on my phone on Twitter, so that I cannot authenticate via the browser.

Commented at 7:55am on 19th July 2012

Simon Willison commented…

What platform are you on? Unfortunately the Twitter apps don't support hooking in to a mobile web signin flow to my knowledge - it's a tricky problem to solve since there's no way for a web page to detect which apps are installed on the device.

Commented at 8:49am on 19th July 2012

Egon Willighⓐgen commented…

I'm on Android... I'll try the auth via the browser then. Thanx for the reply!

Commented at 9:25pm on 20th July 2012

Brandon Nolte commented…

You guys have a really slick site. Any plans for creating a native Android app?

Commented at 11:32am on 29th July 2012


Time 4:28pm

Date 18th July 2012


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