Introducing the Lanyrd mobile web app

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our mobile web app (codenamed Project Hamster in our week-notes). The web app is an excellent complement to our mobile offering alongside our iPhone app, and includes offline storage making it invaluable during events.

We know how important it is for attendees to be able to see relevant information when they’re at an event and so like our iPhone app, the mobile web app is designed to provide a quick reference whilst you are at an event and for upcoming conferences; especially those you are interested in, attending or involved with.

The app uses HTML5’s Application Cache, so providing your device supports this you will be able to view your events if you’re offline or trying to avoid heavy data-roaming charges at events abroad. You can still see the schedule, attendees and speakers during the event even if the conference wi-fi is a little shaky.

If you’ve marked yourself as tracking or attending an event, the app will cache the event details for you to access offline. As soon as you’re back with internet access, when you open the app, it will update your events to make sure you have the most current information. Just sign in through the app with Twitter and your events will be there.

If you don’t use Twitter, the app is is still useful as you can search for current or future events. You will need internet access to see these.

We’ve tried to make sure we support as many devices as possible, whether you’re on an old Blackberry 9000 or a Kindle. If you do have any problems with your device, please do drop us a line support@lanyrd.com. If you have any other feedback, we’re always happy to hear from you, either in the comments below or by email.

Preston McCauley commented…

Looking good the only comment I would have is to add a little more spacing on your sign in bar at the very bottom of the web version. It's a bit too close to the add to favorites button on the bottom of the page so very easy to mis-click.

Commented at 3:12pm on 1st February 2012

Natalie Downe commented…

Thanks for letting us know, thats an interesting observation. Do you mean the favourites button on your phone? which device are you using?

Commented at 7:07pm on 6th February 2012

laurel commented…

This is FANTASTIC! We've looked at conventionist and similar for our event and it's been entirely out of our price range. This is going to be a great tool this year for our attendees!

Commented at 9:22pm on 23rd February 2012


Time 4:03pm

Date 31st January 2012


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