Eliminate SXSW from your Twitter stream

Are you a Twitter user? Are you not attending SXSW? Is the following all too familiar…?

Please note that the Not At SXSW browser extensions have been discontinued and no longer work. This blog post has been left for reference.

They're at SXSW and they want you to know this

Hi, I'm Jake Archibald, user-wellbeing developer at Lanyrd International Incorporated Industries. It might be tempting to simply tolerate a Twitter stream like above, but unfortunately prolonged exposure to this brand of gushing joy, in-jokes and camaraderie can lead to violent emotional and/or physical outbursts.

At Lanyrd, we worried about how this may affect your loved ones, so we locked our science boffins in a room and refused to feed them until they developed an antidote. Well, they emerged earlier today, hungry and holding aloft the Lanyrd "Not At SXSW" browser extension.

SXSW tweets are safely hidden from view

The Lanyrd "Not At SXSW" browser extension hides tweets from people we know are attending SXSW, along with any tweets mentioning SXSW, leaving you with tweets from people who are having the same not-at-SXSW experience as yourself.

You can click to show the tweets again, but Lanyrd is not responsible for the outcome. If you need to hide more, you can add your own set of terms to hide.

Control which tweets are hidden

The extension will become inert after March 16th, by which time everyone should have returned to normal.

Protect your mental health, install the "Not At SXSW" browser extension today!

Deleted User commented…

Why not check geo-location data too?

Commented at 10:01pm on 24th February 2012

Spike commented…

Wonderful! Any way to port it to Tweetdeck please?

Commented at 1:32pm on 4th March 2012

Donovan Burns commented…

Could you make one for the election and olympics, please?

Commented at 9:48pm on 8th March 2012

Jack Repenning commented…

Wait, why make it go inert? I could really use this to squelch several streams!

Commented at 7:34pm on 9th March 2012

timmmii commented…

so how do i block people specifically? do i have to block each person individually? i installed the extension but can't figure out this important detail

Commented at 10:06pm on 9th March 2012

Andy Piper commented…

you couldn't update your other Twitter plugin (which adds info to the profiles) to support Safari?

Commented at 5:08pm on 12th March 2012

Man About It commented…

This should be fun. @dloburns I can handle 17 days of fake patriotic sports fandom (see World Cup 2 yrs ago)...#sxsw, not so much

Commented at 7:24pm on 12th March 2012

Natalie Downe commented…

Glad this has been so popular! It was a little added extra for people to help get through the SXSW period.

Timmmii: you cant block people specifically, it blocks based on the hash tag and anyone who has explicitly marked themselves as attending SXSW on Lanyrd.

Commented at 2:53pm on 20th March 2012

Tim Farley commented…

I assume you are planning to enhance this so folks can block chatter about any specific Lanyrd event at some point? That would be quite handy.

Commented at 2:58pm on 22nd March 2012


Time 4:39pm

Date 22nd February 2012


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