Link your Lanyrd profile to the rest of the web

You can now link your Lanyrd account to your profiles on other sites, making it easier for others to find out more about you and follow up with you after meeting you at an event.

Two of Lanyrd's most popular features are our profile pages (particularly good for speakers) and the searchable attendee directory we make available for every event. Our latest improvement affects both of those features: you can now link your Lanyrd page to your other profiles around the web.

To get started, sign in to Lanyrd and head over to the new edit profile links page.

Edit your profile links interface

Connect your accounts on Foursquare, LinkedIn and GitHub

We announced our integration with Foursquare a few weeks ago - and today we're taking the first steps towards smarter integration with GitHub and LinkedIn as well. If you click the "Add your GitHub/LinkedIn account" links we'll send you to those sites for authentication and connect them up to your profile.

We'll show your GitHub and LinkedIn links on your main Lanyrd profile and in your attendee directory listings for any events you attend. As Foursquare is more of a personal network, we'll only show your Foursquare link if you tell us to.

Andrew Godwin in an attendee directory, with icons for other profiles

We also use the <a rel="me"> microformat for each of your profile links - you can find out more about this on the microformats wiki.

We plan to integrate with more services in the future… so let us know what you think!

Gilbert Green, CTIE commented…

Hello, I am new to your iPhone application "Lanyard."
Very excited about the potential for this app.
I am having difficulty finding one specific setting on both the APP and on the Lanyard.com website.

***"Multiple Twitter account functionality
If you’re representing your company, use the multiple account function to make sure you don’t miss out on a networking opportunity. (iOS5 only)"

I Signed in on under my personal Twitter account. I expected the app to "ask" or provide tip or instruction on how to add an additional Twitter account
based on the ***Feature listed. I might suggest during your next upgrade, add a cleaner set up screen-up screen; either look at the iPhone Settings to see what Twitter accounts are list. Do not automatically add all Twitter accounts found there, but give us the Option to decide which Twitter accounts to add. Or after adding your primary Twitter account, offer the opportunity to add additional Twitter accounts, in clearly defined fields.

I am excited about the use of the app in my Industry. Before going into some details about my industry that may be 'helpful' to spread the adoption of this app. I have a few questions/ thoughts relating to the "Lanyard's" marketing strategy. It seems this app was designed by "technology/ developers types"? Very Utilitarian and spartan looking. This app could use a face lift. Taking cues from "Instragram", "Yelp", and the Productivity app "Weave" by Intuit is a clear winner in design style.

To grow adoption for this very cool app, you need to tap into an industry that features a large number of regional and international conventions.
In terms of marketing one would think Technical industry would enough. While many technical users might not require a highly stylized user interface,
that would be the very thing to keep non-technical users from adopting this app. Once your app becomes more "Social" in it's look and feel, it will be more accepted by a professional industry that is very social. That industry is Travel. The professional travel industry has two major segments or markets; Corporate travel and Leisure Travel. Here in the United States the number of Travel Agency professionals is increasing. I know you maybe thinking "who needs a travel Agent?", "because you can book your own air flight. Ever try figuring out booking a cruise? Planning a family holiday to Disney World vs. Disney Land? Or What about the perfect Honeymoon? Where do you start creating your destination wedding or an African Safari? Now you see Moving from traditional "Brick and Mortar" to Home Based (which includes Web based agencies).
Supporting Travel Agent professionals are supported by large number of industry suppliers; hotels, airlines, cruise lines.

One last idea. If your team needs to raise funding to take your app to the next level; Hire a Creative Designer and expanding your marketing team, why not consider
a funding campaign on www.Kickstarter.com ?

I hope this information can be useful in helping grow this app.

USA/ Domestic Travel conventions -
Vacation.com is the largest consortia of Independent travel agents in the USA

Luxury Travel Exchange International
November 27 - 29, 2012

Cruise Lines International Association
Crusie 3 Sixty is the largest travel convention devoted to cruise industry.

the New York Times Travel Show 2013
The NY TImes travel show is two convention/trade show in one.
One day devoted to Travel Industry trade ( seminars/ lectures, supplier trade show.)
Two days for consumers

ASTA's Travel Retailing & Destination Expo
September 7-9 - Los Angeles, CA

The Travel Insitute

International conventions;
The Travel Convention organized by ABTA - U's leading travel association October 10-12, 2012

Commented at 5:54am on 21st August 2012

Pelle Wessman commented…

Great to see that you allow people to add links to their other profiles around the web and that you mark those up using rel-me - it almost seems like a trend lately for more and more services to do this while it previously was almost only Google Profiles/Google+ that did it.

With all these added metadata it's a real pity Google's Social Graph API is no longer around because with profiles like the ones here, the ones on Google+ and eg the ones I did on Flattr.com the social graph could really be crawled in an amazing way.

Hopefully an open source project or something picks up where Google left off.

Commented at 12:37pm on 24th August 2012

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 11:39am

Date 17th August 2012


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