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Last week we updated the Lanyrd iPhone app to support push notifications. Today we're releasing our first push-enabled feature — our new Push to your iPhone button.

Lanyrd's mobile apps (both our iPhone app and our Mobile Web app) are designed to keep you updated with the most important information while you are at an event. Both apps feature offline storage, so even if you are travelling abroad in a foreign country with expensive data rates or are suffering from overloaded conference WiFi you can still access the schedule and speaker information for the event.

We recently updated our iPhone app to support Apple's push notifications, and today we're launching our first push-enabled feature. If you install our iPhone app, sign in to the app using your Lanyrd-associated Twitter account and give us permission to send push notifications, the following button will appear on upcoming conferences around the site:

Push to iPhone button

Tap the button and we'll send a push notification to your phone that will open up the event details in the Lanyrd app — and store the event details offline so you can access them even without a network connection.

Push to iPhone notification

If the Lanyrd app is already running, the notification will open the event page instantly inside the app.

What if I have more than one device?

Got an iPhone, iPad and iPod? Lucky you! We've got you covered. The button will adapt to your device, and we'll send the notification to the most recently active application — so if you've just launched Lanyrd on your iPod touch, we'll show you a Push to your iPod button instead!

Josh Russell commented…

clever use of notifications, like it ;)

Commented at 12:00pm on 5th July 2012

SEM Zen commented…

Great idea!

Commented at 5:50pm on 6th July 2012

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 12:28pm

Date 5th July 2012


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