Instantly see what's on now, next and nearby at SXSW

At SXSW Interactive? Use our new mobile-optimised web app at now.lanyrd.com to instantly see what's on now, what's on next and what's nearby.

We know that you can spend a lot of time at SXSW trying to find a talk to go to when you're on the move. With so many venues and sessions, this can get complicated even if you have planned in advance. Lanyrd is here to help you with our new app, Lanyrd Now. Giving you up to the minute, location aware information about what's on where you are right now.

Is the session that you wanted to go to full? Have you found yourself without a plan for the next few hours but really want to fill your brain with knowledgey goodness? Maybe it's raining and you just don't want to leave the comfy venue you've found? Let us help you decide what to do, grab your phone and pop along to now.lanyrd.com.

Lanyrd Now is designed to not only use your existing plans for SXSW, but also to recommend new sessions to you. If you're a Lanyrd user, you may already have been using our super helpful Austin session planner and grid view to organise what you'd like to do whilst you're at SXSW. First up we'll show you the sessions that you're tracking or planning to attend.


But hang on - what if your session is full? Don't worry - we'll use GPS to locate your phone and recommend sessions based on what venue you're nearest to. Or if you're feeling happy to wander out and about and stretch your legs (and brave the rain), you can see the most popular sessions on now wherever they are.

Forgotten what you were going to see next? We've got you covered. Check up on what sessions you'd planned to attend next. And don't forget, you can easily skip through to your planned grid view from Lanyrd Now at any time.

We want you to be adventurous and try new flavours, so why don't you take a look at all the sessions that are on next ordered by how far away from you they are? Found yourself at the Driskill and you don't fancy walking back to the Convention Center - use this feature to find all the events that are on next at the Driskill and try something new.

Even if you haven't used Lanyrd before - Lanyrd Now is the perfect tool for getting around at SXSW. We'll still give you recommendations of popular sessions or sessions nearest to you, on now and next.

We even try to take care of the hungover or slightly jet-lagged: Lanyrd Now will change colour throughout the day so if you've only just got up you'll be able to see that it's still morning, or perhaps if you've been out partying - mid-afternoon.

Different colours throughout the day


Time 8:31pm

Date 9th March 2012


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