Weeknotes: iOS apps, burly lumberjacks, & bockety arms

It's been a bit of a hectic week. We fled Castle Lanyrd and created a new upgraded base of operations a whole four minutes away, which we're lovingly calling Lanyrd:TNG. Rather than pay some burly lumberjack-shaped peoples to move stuff for us, we decided to "lumberjack up" and do it ourselves.

Burly men, we amn't

I now harbour a deep loathing for some of our bulkier furniture, but aside from suffering a mild case of 'bockety arms', the move was a success!

Prior to transcending workplaces, we released a rather shiny new version of our iOS app, with improved things and new stuff. The blog post explains it better than I can. The same features & improvements will hit the mobile web site shortly.

In the event world, Digital Shoreditch is under-way! It's the first time we've created a minisite to host the official schedule for an event, and we're looking forward to doing more. Perhaps related, we're busy working on "Operation Omelette", which will be really useful for conference organisers.

As for me, I'm off to Oslo for Web Rebels (which I keep mispronouncing as Webbles). The line up is full of people I only know via Twitter/blogs, I'm looking forward to meeting them in person.

Also, I had a great time speaking at London Web Standards last night, even if I was slightly ragged from the office move. I'm a huge fan of this type of evening event & It's great to see companies sponsoring them. If you're based in London and haven't been to London Web Standards and/or London JS, you need to fix that.


Time 12:09pm

Date 22nd May 2012


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