Week Notes: "We've made lots of changes"

Ahh yes, it's Monday and the little magnetic arrow next to my name means it's my turn to author week notes.

After a brief office discussion, the consensus is "We've made lots of changes, but everything deliberately stays the same... FOR NOW". As exciting as that is, it makes it incredibly difficult to write a summary of the week. Watch as I attempt to string 'nothing' out into a blog post.

It's a bike.

That, is a motoring bicycle, for I went to the Goodwood Festival of Speed last weekend and took lots of pictures. Now, this isn't really anything to do with Lanyrd, but it did give me the opportunity to add a picture to the post.

Andrew Godwin started last week and got straight to work making changes that deliberately did nothing yet. As per tradition, he was gifted a Lego set and unlike me, he built it on the day he joined.

It's a lego.

His is the orange truck at the back. It may look off-theme, but it's actually an undercover vehicle. Shh. We also celebrated Andrew's arrival with a team lunch. I had chicken pie. Yummy yummy.

We launched push notification for iPhones, switched guide notification emails to HTML, and the updates to the mobile web site are almost complete!

As part of a stress-test of our new water-cooler, Tom and I stood in front of it and attempted to have a conversation about the European Footballing World Cup of Football. This was hampered by an insufficient working knowledge of the sport, but we don't believe this to be a flaw of the water-cooler itself. More research required.


Time 2:40pm

Date 9th July 2012


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