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Sign up for Lanyrd's weekly emails to get personalised event reccommendations sent straight to your inbox. We've added extra location filters to make it even easier to find out about events that are directly relevant to you.

Our recommendation emails are 100% customised based on your preferences. By default, we include events that we haven't emailed to you before that match any of the following:

  • At least one of your contacts is attending the event. These can be people you follow on Twitter, your LinkedIn connections or people you are directly tracking on Lanyrd.
  • The event is listed in a Guide you are tracking.
  • The event matches one of the Topics you are tracking (optionally filtered by topic location - you may only care about Django events in Europe, for example).
  • The event is being promoted by one of the companies or teams you are tracking.

Here's an example email:

More control over location

A common piece of feedback about our previous emails is that they sometimes highlighted events that aren't practical to attend. If you live in London, knowing that your friend is going to an evening Django meetup in San Francisco isn't all that useful.

Our new emails take this in to account: you can ask us to only send you events your contacts are attending in certain areas, using our updated email preferences page.

If four or more of your contacts are attending we'll send you events even if they are outside your preferred areas, to make sure you still get to hear about super popular events that might be worth a special trip.

You can still set up separate location preferences for individual topics, meaning you can keep track of worldwide events involving your particular specialism.

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 5:13pm

Date 9th May 2013


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