Lanyrd acquired by Eventbrite

Tuesday 3rd September 2013   6am 

Lanyrd is becoming part of the Eventbrite family! We’re confident that Lanyrd will be better than ever as a result, and we’re launching some handy new integrations with Eventbrite to celebrate.

Three years ago, Natalie and Simon had an idea for a side-project on their honeymoon. Since then we’ve been through Y Combinator, raised $1.4M from some great investors, grown the team to 6 people and shipped countless features to support the event ecosystem (with 22,966 code commits and counting!)

Today we’re announcing the start of a new chapter and are pleased to become part of the Eventbrite family — the leading self-service ticketing platform founded in 2006 by Kevin and Julia Hartz and Renaud Visage.

A new chapter

Our vision for improving events has always been about making events better — for attendees, organisers, speakers and companies. We aim to provide tools that make it easier for people to discover great professional events and conferences, help organisers run the best events they can and support and encourage a vibrant and growing speaker community.

Eventbrite’s vision sits well with ours, and it has an even wider goal: They help organisers of any size create, promote and sell tickets or registrations to events — and have processed more than 120 million tickets around the world and across a multitude of industries. Eventbrite also has an emphasis on product, innovation and great service — three things that have always been core to how we operate at Lanyrd.

The set of our incredible journey.

What does this mean for Lanyrd?

One thing that was very important to us: Eventbrite has no plans to shut Lanyrd down. In fact, with Eventbrite’s help, we’ll continue to support and improve the service. The products will remain independent for now, and we hope to port some of the Lanyrd magic into Eventbrite. Lanyrd Pro customers will still have all the wonderful benefits they always did.

Our team will be joining forces with Eventbrite and working across the board to help make live experiences better. Expect to see plenty of improvements to Eventbrite inspired and influenced by our work on Lanyrd — made even easier since both products have been built using the same Python/Django platform.

New, deeper integrations with Eventbrite

To celebrate the acquisition we’re releasing a collection of new features to bring Eventbrite and Lanyrd’s worlds closer together:

  • Event organisers now have an easy way of adding events to Lanyrd by importing their Eventbrite events directly from our add event page. If you add your event this way it will automatically be claimed, unlocking access to useful extra features including advanced schedule editing.
  • As an attendee you can also hook up your existing Eventbrite account to Lanyrd. Then, when you buy a ticket to an Eventbrite event that’s also on Lanyrd, we’ll automatically add that event to your Lanyrd profile. We’ll even send a notification to the Lanyrd app on your phone, ensuring the event details are stored offline for you.
  • As before, you can embed an Eventbrite ticket widget on your Lanyrd event page — but now doing this will let people buy tickets directly from within the Lanyrd mobile apps as well.

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We’d like to thank all of our community for helping Lanyrd become what it is today, and we’re really looking forward to what we can do in the future working with the fantastic team at Eventbrite.

We'd also like to personally thank our investors, advisors and everyone involved with the acquisition, particularly Dale Huxford and the team at Orrick, Rogan Angelini-Hurll from PROfounders and everyone at Horizon.

— The Lanyrd Team

You can find out more about the announcement in Eventbrite’s press release in our press pack.

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