Introducing Lanyrd Pro, for companies that speak at and sponsor events

Today we're excited to announce our first paid upgrade: Lanyrd Pro.

We're providing tools for teams and companies that speak at and sponsor events, to help promote the events they are involved with and effectively plan their ongoing event marketing strategies. Facebook, GitHub and Heroku are just three of the fantastic companies on board for our launch.

Lanyrd's mission is to help people get more out of conferences and professional events. We help people figure out which events they should attend, catch up on great presentations and build up a profile of talks they have given and conferences they have been to or plan to attend in the future.

Today, we're extending our mission beyond individuals - to companies, teams and organisations. We'll help you and your team get more value out of conferences, both by more effectively planning your event strategy and by increasing the exposure and value you get from participating in events.

Lanyrd Pro gives you a branded events portal and a set of tools for internal coordination around events, and builds on our rich database of events and speakers. You can easily add team members, pull in events they've been to, and start planning which events to attend next.

We also have a wonderful set of launch partners - click a logo to see their team page:

Or check out the full list of teams on Lanyrd.

A branded events page

A key feature of Lanyrd Pro is the ability to create a branded page promoting the events your team is involved with. Let people know when and where you'll be, who's presenting at which events, and showcase the events you are sponsoring.

Pages can be customised and rearranged to promote specific events or include a map of upcoming appearances. Here's some of our launch partners' pages:

GitHub Heroku Happy Cog

Team administrators maintain full control over what is displayed on their page - events must be explicitly published before they appear, so unrelated events that team members are attending with won't be automatically shown as associated with the company. We also freeze the event details at the time of publication to ensure you know exactly what's being displayed on your page.

Team pages also list past events, showcase slides and video from talks your team has given, and include a searchable directory of past talks and presentations. Rosenfeld Media's 55 expert speakers have collectively presented over 600 sessions, 61 of which have video and 167 with available slides.

Our higher tier plans include a full events portal, with more branding options and a custom subdomain - check out github.lanyrd.com or facebook-developers.lanyrd.com for example. We can even host your own subdomain on our platform: events.heroku.com is now powered by Lanyrd.

Increased brand exposure on Lanyrd

Teams don't just get their own page - they also get additional brand exposure on any page on Lanyrd that involves members of their team. We've added a new area to our event pages highlighting teams that are represented at the event:

We call these "gems", and we'll be adding them to other parts of Lanyrd in the coming weeks, including session pages and profile pages.

Plan and coordinate your event strategy

The public pages are just one side of Lanyrd Pro: the other side is a suite of private tools for your team to plan their event strategy.

The first of these is a private, automated team calendar: given a list of team members, we pull together everything that Lanyrd already knows about your team's event plans. Members can add extra events to the calendar, building a comprehensive, private team calendar of relevant events.

Events in the calendar can be annotated with private notes — comments that only other team members can see — and private labels. Private labels can be used to construct a custom vocabulary for modelling the team's event workflow. If you sponsor a lot of events you might, for example, have labels for "Sponsorship Requested", "Sponsorship Approved" and "Sponsorship Paid".

Your private team calendar is also available as an iCal feed, compatible with Apple's Calendar app and Google Calendar.

Product highlights

We've prepared a slide deck detailing more of the features of Lanyrd Pro.

Get Lanyrd Pro!

We're taking orders for Lanyrd Pro today. Head over to our plans and pricing page to find out more and start your 14 day free trial.

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Time 1:28pm

Date 11th April 2013


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