Brand new Lanyrd for iPad, iPhone and Mobile Web

We've reinvented our mobile experience from the ground up, adding a brand new iPad app to our existing iPhone and Mobile Web apps and providing conference organisers with a great way of sharing event information with their attendees and making it even easier to discover new events using Lanyrd.

Today we're proud to announce a brand new iPad app for Lanyrd, along with a completely redesigned iPhone app and major updates to our cutting edge HTML5 Mobile Web app. All three versions provide full offline storage of event information, making it easy to take key event information with you even when travelling abroad or without reliable WiFi.

Lanyrd, now for iPad

Our iOS app is now universal, which means it is optimised for the iPad as well as the iPhone and iPod touch. Functionality is identical across tablets and phones, but the app now expands to two columns to take advantage of the extra space on a tablet screen.

We've found that this two column navigation is ideal for exploring an event schedule, as it lets you see the overview for the day on the left while browsing through the detailed talk descriptions on the right.

Video, slides and session coverage

Also new in the iPad (and regular) apps: we now show video, slides and notes that have been added to sessions - with icons on the schedule view and thumbnails in the page. We link out to the right places to view the content, and if you have the YouTube app installed we'll event send you straight in to that app to watch the video.

Lanyrd for iPhone and Mobile Web

We've completely redesigned our apps for phones. Gone are the four fixed tabs at the bottom of the screen, replaced instead by a side menu activated by the menu icon at the top right (we've been calling this the "burger bar").

The new menu gives us plenty of room for extra functionality - we'll be adding new features specific to team accounts and event organisers in the future.

Our HTML5 mobile web app at m.lanyrd.com also now sports the new look. We've built it responsively, so at larger screen sizes (on tablets for example) the menu stays visible.

Better ways to discover events

We've completely rethought how we suggest events for you to attend. The "Discover events" page now algorithmically recommends the best possible events for you based on a combination of your contacts from Twitter, LinkedIn and Lanyrd, the events you have been to in the past and the topics, guides and teams you have expressed interest in.

The "Suggested" tab shows you our top picks based on our new recommendation algorithm. The other tabs can be used to see all upcoming events that your contacts are attending, or all events that match your tracked guides or topics.

For event organisers

Our suite of mobile apps provides a fantastic way to help your attendees get the most out of your event. Check out all these great benefits you get, for free:

  • Publish your full event schedule to our mobile apps, and make it available to your attendees both offline and online
  • Help your attendees to see who else is going and use our messaging and want-to-meet features to network during the event
  • Collect and share slides, notes and videos from presentations both on lanyrd.com and in the mobile apps

Get in touch with us if you're interested in our premium features:

  • Use push notifications to update your attendees during the event
  • Promote your sponsors inside the app
  • Custom branding and colour schemes for your event
  • Personalised schedules for your attendees
  • Build your own map showing suggested bars, restaurants and hotels

Get started with Lanyrd's mobile apps

Our iPhone and iPad apps can be installed today from the App Store.

To try out our Mobile Web app, just point your favourite mobile browser at m.lanyrd.com

And coming soon... Lanyrd for Android

Our Mobile Web app provides a great experience on Android devices today, but we also have a full native Android application on the way. Let us know if you'd like to try out the alpha.

Martin Hughes, PMP commented…

Hi all - great app, used very successfully for an MBA alumni in the Middle East a couple of weeks ago. One thing we did want to do was track who actually attend from those who were registered - is there a way to get a list of registered attendees that you can select as who attended? Or can you export a list of registered attendees who you can then tick off - i ended up typing everyone first and last name of registered attendees into a spreadsheet. Did I miss a hidden function?

Thanks, looking forward to putting on a lot more of these events in the region

Commented at 9:28am on 3rd July 2013

Simon Willison commented…

Hi Martin - We do indeed have a way of exporting registered attendees - it's not turned on for every event, but if you contact support at lanyrd dot com we can help you out with that.

Commented at 7:58pm on 31st July 2013

  • Lanyrd Team @lanyrd


Time 3:43pm

Date 20th June 2013


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