Lanyrd Pro improvements, and a new $39/month plan for small teams

Since the launch of Lanyrd Pro last month the Lanyrd team have been working very hard to bring new features to both standard and pro users. Check out some of the great new things we have been working on.

In case you missed the announcement, Lanyrd Pro launched a short time ago for teams and companies that speak at and sponsor events to promote and coordinate their event marketing strategy.

The Lanyrd Pro product builds on Lanyrd's rich crowdsourced database of events, sessions and speakers, incorporating a branded events portal and a suite of private tools for internal coordination around events. Facebook, GitHub and Heroku are just three of the great companies already benefiting from Lanyrd Pro.

Recent Lanyrd Pro improvements

We have been super busy since our launch, working hard on improving the core Lanyrd product as always, but also finessing and enhancing the Lanyrd Pro offering. We have focussed on smoothing out the common tasks and adding features to further help companies showcase their experience and thought leadership in their industries.

Featured sessions

You were already able to highlight individual events on your Lanyrd Pro page, now you can also show featured sessions on your public team page. This new component will help promote recent talks given by your team or build an audience for upcoming talks.

Performance improvement

We’ve made some major performance improvements, including moving our primary database to a new server configuration backed by SSDs, this has made the whole site a lot zippyer!

More ways to discover events for your team calendar

We’ve added new tools for discovering events. In addition to the algorithmic recommendations based on events your team has attended in the past, the "discover events" tool now also shows upcoming events that your team members are tracking on Lanyrd.

You can use this to find out which events your team members want to attend, and better tap in to their knowledge of upcoming conferences.

It is now even easier to find events relevant to your company. Event pages now include a button to instantly add that event to your team’s private calendar.

Improved reporting

For even more finely grained business intelligence reporting you can now filter events on your calendar by month, giving you greater power to drill down and explore your teams activity data.

Better team member administration

You can now rearrange your team members using a new drag-and-drop reordering tool and filter the members list to just see a list of your team's administrators.

Start your trial today!

We are launching a new lower priced plan aimed at small teams who still want to experience the power of Lanyrd Pro. Teams of five and under can now benefit from Lanyrd Pro for just $39 a month. Have a look at our price comparison table for more details on the different plan limits and all the great features included.

For our enterprise partners we can work together to find the perfect custom Platinum package that will work for you. Contact our sales team to start a conversation.

If you want to manage your team’s events strategy more effectively, whatever the size of your organisation, we have a Lanyrd Pro plan to suit your needs — go to lanyrd.com/pro to get in touch with us for a no-obligation 14 day free trial.

Neil Williams commented…

Just signed up and liking the site, lots! Thanks guys, keep up the top work!

Commented at 2:19pm on 22nd May 2013

GlobalCompliancePanel commented…

This site is really awesome and excellent..........

Commented at 9:30am on 3rd June 2013

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